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(EXCLUSIVE) “Indians are always noisy” M’sian Shares Constant Discrimination He Faced From Racist Ex-Neighbour


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Those who live in condominiums or apartments would know how difficult it can be to deal with neighbours living above or below your homes. But everyone should be extra considerate and courteous with the way they live in a shared space, right?

Recently, a reader named Raj reached out to WORLD OF BUZZ to share an incident that occurred to him and his wife after enduring multiple racist remarks made by their ex-neighbour.

Raj and his wife have been living at a condominium in Sentul for almost four years. And throughout those four years, it was not peaceful.


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“It all started when an old lady neighbour, who is Chinese, below my unit moved in about three years ago. She accused me and my wife of making so much noise at home almost every day and kept coming to my doorstep to embarrass us in front of my other neighbours.

She even wrote letters to them saying “the Indian neighbour keeps making noise at 3am, moving furniture every day, walking like King Kong, jogging inside the house”.

For everyone’s information, only my wife and I are staying in the unit and both of us are working. We go off to work in the morning and we only get back home at around 10pm. After work, gym and then home. That has always been our routine on weekdays.”


“Ice cream prayer bells and “Indian incense scented smell”

According to Raj, for the past two years, he always just ignored and tolerated her complaints until one day (back in December 2019) she wrote a letter to the condominium’s management that was rather racist.

In the letter, which was later forwarded to Raj, the neighbour said she had a range of health conditions and complained that she was disturbed by the alleged noises and sounds that came from Raj and his wife conducting prayers. She referred to the bell (used for prayers) as “ice cream prayer bells” and ranted about the smell of incense coming down to her floor.

Whatsapp Image 2021 06 27 At 5.43.32 Pm 3

Letter from the neighbour to the condominium’s management

Whatsapp Image 2021 06 27 At 5.43.32 Pm 1 1

Letter from the neighbour to the condominium’s management

“She also gave a general statement that Indians are always unreasonable and noisy. Partially, yes I do agree, I do pray and ring the bell, but besides that, the “moving furniture every day” was simply stupid.

Everyday she come out from her unit and shout at us saying “stupid Indian stop making noise.”

Well, we do hear the noises coming from somewhere but it’s management’s responsibility to check where it is coming from. They did come over and identified no such issue, as living in a condominium, we do hear footsteps. I hear it from my neighbour above too.

But accusing us of throwing things although no one is at home on that day and at that time, when my wife and I are both working is simply not acceptable,” Raj exclusively told WORLD OF BUZZ.


Raj decided to make a police report

According to Raj, back in January 2020, both he and his wife decided to stay at their in-law’s house as they couldn’t handle the pressure they were getting from their neighbour.

“We told security that we will be away for a week so during these days, if our neighbour complains, they would know whether it was actually us who was causing the issue.”

Well, guess what? When we were not around, she went to the management and complained. When security told her that we were away and that there was no one home, she questioned them back saying, “How sure are you? They might be lying and are back home”.

Whatsapp Image 2021 06 27 At 6.01.20 Pm 1 1

“That made me lodge a police report (back in January 2020) based on the letter she gave in December 2019. After 6 months the result from the public prosecutor was that no further action (NFA) would be taken. Why NFA? I have no clue because this is a racist statement and there was no action taken. Sad truth!” Raj told WORLD OF BUZZ.


“She moved out but still did not stop her racist remarks”

Raj told WORLD OF BUZZ that the woman had moved out and things were better ever since. Until, one day, she messaged the condominium’s community WhatsApp group.

“I didn’t realise she was still in our residents WhatsApp group. On 23 June 2021, she spoke about me without mentioning my name or unit number, with yet another racist remark and also sexual harassment.

She exposed my personal life matters, about what I and my wife would do in the bedroom.

Wa 1 1

I was very embarrassed as there were close to 256 residents in the group chat. Obviously, some owners were aware that she had a problem with me before. What would they have assumed about me when they read those messages?”


The other neighbours stood up for Raj 

Raj added he was grateful that the rest of the neighbours in the group chat did not tolerate the woman’s racist remarks and politely corrected her.

Wa 2 1

Wa 3 1

The woman then apologised to the other neighbours for offending them.

Wa 4 1

“We are going to lodge another police report on this and we are hoping for a positive result from the authorities. The damage she has caused my wife and I is very serious.

We are both depressed and feel so embarrassed to live in this community,” Raj said.

Raj hopes that sharing his story will allow it to gain the attention it needs in order for action to be taken as racism should not be tolerated.

UPDATE: WORLD OF BUZZ has since reached out to Raj’s neighbour for a comment regarding the remarks made. According to her, Raj has been a noisy neighbour and her friends and immediate neighbours are aware of her dilemma of staying below Raj’s unit.

She also denies using any racist remarks in their communication.

What are your thoughts on this story? Let us know in the comment section below!


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