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10 Things To Avoid Doing During Chap Goh Mei, The Last Day Of CNY!


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Source: Unsplash/Tamara Bellis & Unsplash/ Süheyl Burak

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The last day of the Chinese Lunar New Year, also known as Chap Goh Mei, is widely celebrated in Malaysia. When speaking of this day, many may think of eating tangyuan (glutinous rice balls) or the activity of throwing mandarin oranges into the river to find love. But did you know that there are actually things to avoid doing during Chap Goh Mei?

1. Do not curse

On the last day of the Chinese New Year, we should say good things, and avoid cursing or saying vulgar words. This is to prevent troubles such as bickering and to continue the good luck for the rest of the year.

2. Do not cut your hair

Suheyl Burak N85Joku3Dw0 Unsplash

In Mandarin, the word hair (fa) is similar to the word fortune (fa), therefore, cutting your hair means cutting away your fortune, which is something to avoid doing. Some people also believe that washing your hair will also wash away the fortune.

3. Avoid wearing clothes that have holes

Tamara Bellis Gmw 1R Gadg Unsplash

Jeans or clothes with holes are a type of fashion, but during this day, avoid wearing clothes that have holes. Wearing punctured clothing is believed to bring people bad luck for the entire year.

4. Avoid emptying the rice jar

On this day, make sure that your rice jar is filled. Empty rice jar signifies that the family is suffering in terms of finance, so remember to prepare rice and fill your rice jar up to avoid financial loss for the year.

5. Do not lend or borrow money from others

Do not lend or borrow money from anyone during Chap Goh Mei, as this means that your good luck and fortune will be borrowed away. Remind your family and friends to carry more money so they don’t end up borrowing from others too.

6. Avoid wearing black and white clothes

Luis Quintero 3Qqimt2Ldr8 Unsplash

Avoid wearing clothes that are black, white, or with black and white stripes. These colours are associated with prison and death, so wearing them on this day will make things go wrong for the rest of the year.

7. Do not slaughter living things

This day is a day of celebration, so do not slaughter and kill living things. Otherwise, one may be involved in bloody disaster. However, people whose profession involves animal slaughtering are not affected.

8. Do not fight or quarrel

Afif Ramdhasuma Mv38Tb Ljj8 Unsplash

Do not fight or quarrel with your other half or family members on Chap Goh Mei to avoid misfortune. Couples should get along and try to prevent the kids from fighting, so that good luck will follow.

9. Avoid going to eerie places

On this day, do not go to places that are eerie or in desolation, especially for people who are sick or weak, as it may bring you bad luck. These places include graveyards, abandoned places, or the middle of nowhere.

10. Avoid knocking on the bowl

Eating tangyuan (glutinous rice balls) is a tradition on the last day of CNY. When eating tangyuan, do not knock on the bowl. This is because back then, beggars would knock on the bowl, so knocking on the bowl may cause the loss of money. Besides, it is believed that if you knock on the bowl at night, spirits will come to you.

Here is a list of things to take note of and to avoid during Chap Goh Mei, the last day of the Chinese Lunar New Year. Do you know any other things that are taboo during this day? Let us know in the comments!


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