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8 Things You Can Do To Show Love & Gratitude To Your Parents On Parents’ Day!


Parents Day
Source: Unsplash/Karolina Bobek & Unsplash/Ben Iwara

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Whether it’s Mother’s Day or Father’s Day, it is always good to show love and gratitude to your parents during these months of love. Here are several things you can do for your parents during Parents’ Day, or even just normal days to make them feel loved.

1. Give them a massage

Louis Hansel Xysmytom6Dk Unsplash

Who doesn’t love massages? After a day of work, our parents must be really exhausted. Therefore, you can help them to relax by giving them a little body massage. Besides, this does not require you to spend on anything at all. Trust me, they will probably love it!

2. Cook for them

Conscious Design Ad 8Q 1Eyta Unsplash

Another way of showing your parents love and gratitude without having to spend is to cook for them. You can follow a recipe and learn how to cook their favourite dishes, and then surprise them! Even if the food turns out not as tasty as expected, they will still be happy and thankful for your effort!

3. Bring them out for nice food

Pablo Merchan Montes Wyopqmtdd0W Unsplash

When we were young, our parents will sometimes bring us out to eat something nice, especially during special occasions like birthdays or festive seasons. Now, it is time for us to bring them out for some delicious, good food that they seldom get to eat. This is one of the best ways to show them love and gratitude during Parents’ Day.

4. Buy them flowers

Aleksandra Sapozhnikova Lwui2Fcxcjy Unsplash

On Mother’s Day, why not make your mom happy by giving her a bouquet of flowers? Be it roses or carnations, no one will reject a nice bouquet of flowers. The symbolic meaning of carnation, particularly pink carnation, is love and gratitude, making it a perfect gift for Mother’s Day.

5. Buy them a gift they have always wanted

Naipo De C1Skadgztr4 Unsplash

Show your thankfulness and love by buying your parents a gift they have always wanted. If they have never ask for anything, you can also buy them something useful, or something that can ease the burden of household tasks. For instance, a massage chair and new electrical appliances. Gold bars, gold jewellery, or anything gold also makes a great gift, if you have the budget.

6. Give them angpao

Jason Leung Zhx6Lfqjog0 Unsplash

In the Asian tradition, giving angpao (red packet) bestows good fortune and happiness to someone. Angpaos are usually given out during festive seasons or celebrations like Chinese New Year, weddings, or birthdays. However, you can also give your parents angpao during Parents’ Day as a sign of love and appreciation. It doesn’t need to contain a lot of money, it’s the thought that counts.

7. Give them a hug

Ben Iwara 3Qpzfgdmnag Unsplash

I know, giving your parents a hug might seem super awkward, specifically if you come from a traditional Malaysian family. Yet, sometimes, all your parents need is just a big hug! You have no idea how much they will be surprised, and how much they cherish a hug from you.

8. Write them a card

Karolina Bobek 4Oe0Sto Cqk Unsplash

The most traditional way of expressing your love and appreciation is to write a card! Write a card to your mother and father, and tell them how grateful you are, or share your best memory with them. Believe me, they are going to feel so loved and blessed!

Besides these, they are many other ways to express gratefulness to your parents. What would you do during Parent’s Day? Let us know in the comments. Happy Mother’s Day and Happy Father’s Day to all the moms and dads!


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