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Watch: ‘Pocong’ in Alor Setar Hitches a Ride on Motorcyclist’s Head, Freaks Out Netizens



Source: Facebook

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Almost all Malaysians know that it’s Hungry Ghost Festival this month. So, there are a lot of ghost stories being shared right now… Making this new ghost story pretty appropriate!

A fifteen-second video went viral on social media recently and it might actually scare a lot of people. The video was originally uploaded by a Facebook user from Alor Setar on 12th August (Monday) and the post has received over 3.8K shares so far.

In the video, a mysterious silhouette can be seen hitching a ride on a motorcyclist’s helmet. According to netizens, the scary figure looks like a local supernatural being called the ‘pocong‘. For those who don’t know, the pocong is the spirit of a dead person still trapped in its burial shroud. The shroud itself is the cloth used to wrap a dead body in Muslim burials!

Watch: "Pocong" Hitches A Ride On Motorcyclist's Head, Netizens Are Freaked Out - WORLD OF BUZZ

Source: Facebook

The video was recorded from behind by another motorcyclist, likely Abam Bell himself. Imagine seeing this unknown silhouette on top of someone’s helmet at night, it could be really scary!

While a few of Abam’s friends noted that the road in the video was indeed one near Abam’s home, there was no confirmation from Abam himself on where it was taken. Many netizens expressed their fears in the comments section of the video.

Source: Facebook

A few netizens opined that the video is terrifying and spooky. On the other hand, some skeptical netizens questioned the authenticity of the video, saying that it may have been edited.

Source: Facebook

“Is this a real video or edited?”, a Facebook user wrote, and “Is this real?” another netizen asked.

Unexpectedly however, many netizens actually thought this incident was funny and the comment section of the video was filled with hilarious comments!

Source: Facebook

“Will there be any fines for something like this?”, this netizen said.

Source: Facebook

“How rude of the thing to stand on the person’s head,” another Facebook user commented. Others who were less skeptical of the whole thing even shared a few of their own experiences.

Source: Facebook

“This is true. My father has seen a ghostly figure flying and following a van. He saw it when he was coming back home,” a netizen shared.

At the end of the day, seeing unexpected things happening at night while we’re on the road is definitely scary. Sometimes, is a logical answer for the incident. Other times, there is just no explanation for it. But we’ll it to you to decide exactly what’s going on in this video!

So, do you think the video is real or fake? Do you believe in the supernatural? Share your thoughts in the comments section!

Watch the video here and you be the judge:

Source: Facebook


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