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From Zero To Hero: These Inspiring M’sian TikTok Creators Prove You Can #FindYourPurpose By Chasing Your Passion


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Since MCO, most Malaysians have been working from home. Confined between the walls of their homes, many tend to feel lost and demotivated. These same people have also turned to TikTok to seek entertainment and inspiration to elevate themselves. And this is when some of them found their purposes and turned into influential TikTok creators!

Today, we’re sharing the inspiring stories of these Malaysian TikTok creators who have found their niche and worked extraordinarily hard to achieve success. These moving stories prove that with enough passion and effort, Malaysians from all walks of life can go from zero to hero. 💪🏻


1. Anissa, a hearing-impaired creator who’s spreading awareness for her community

Fyp Anissa

Being strong and positive-minded, hearing impairment did not stop Anissa from pursuing her passion. She actively teaches her followers about Bahasa Isyarat Malaysia (BIM) on TikTok, not just to raise awareness, but also to construct a more inclusive society for her community.

From common vocabularies to sentences, Anissa’s contents attracted over 562k followers who are interested to learn Malaysian sign language. We definitely adore Anissa’s dedication in educating the public about sign language and the hearing-impaired community, she’s truly an inspiration to all!

Let’s support the hearing-impaired community by learning the sign language on Anissa’s page here!


2. Fatia, TikTok’s first ever global artist with a heavenly voice

Fyp Fatia

Inspired by her father’s music collections, Fatia developed a passion for singing at a very young age. When she began sharing her duet videos on TikTok, the singer quickly went viral as many are attracted by her dynamic and sweet voice. Don’t believe us ah? Here’s proof!

Despite playing the piano and guitar, she also has interests in litigation and is currently a young and promising law student. Her gifted musicality and tenacity in law are what we find most attractive! To-date, she is TikTok’s first-ever global artist who just launched her debut single last month, My World Too, which reflects Fatia’s own experiences of finding the courage to break free of society’s expectations and emerging stronger than ever – you go, girl!

You definitely want to check out Fatia’s solo covers and duet videos here — her voice is such a blessing to the ears!


3. Kristin, this 17-year-old chef vegan-ises Malaysian favourites, like vegan wat tan hor and vegan hokkien mee!

Fyp Kriss

At only 17 years old, Kristin has become one of the most popular TikTok creators in Malaysia with a whopping 485k followers! This vegan recipe specialist is known for cooking and veganising various recipes, ranging from the Malaysian staples to international delights. Some of her most popular dishes include vegan curry laksa, kimchi, mango sticky rice, and many more, as you can tell by her interview:

Also, did we mention that all her videos are professionally shot and edited? You’ll definitely be hooked when you check out the seamless transitions that form a perfect loop on all her TikTok videos!

Are you up for some delicious vegan meals? Follow Kristin here to discover more vegan recipes!


4. Mathan Edward, a diverse chef who can cook Chinese, Malay and Indian dishes excellently

Fyp Mathan

The former chef spent most of his free time at home due to the travel restrictions of MCO. Mathan then decided to share his home recipes on TikTok, teaching his audiences to cook a wide range of Malaysian cuisines that makes him oh so relatable. He can even whip up sup herba ayam for mothers in confinement! You can tell why he’s so likable here:

His content garnered over 259k fans of different races from all over Malaysia who are not only attracted by his competent culinary skills, but also his sense of humour and bahasa rojak. He has even been featured by various local media outlets!

If you want to cook authentic Malaysian food, be sure follow this Malaysian dishes expert right here!


5. Dr. Samhan, a professional who is dedicated to debunk medical myths

Fyp Dr Sam

Dr. Samhan started his  TikTok account to impart informed medical knowledge to fellow Malaysians. Despite having a hectic schedule in his clinic, Dr. Samhan never fails to upload quality contents daily. His contents render medical myths or taboos more approachable and accessible for laypeople, which allows him to attract over 1.2 million followers. Not surprising when you see how Dr. Samhan is like:

During the MCO, Dr. Samhan also made great use of his huge platform to educate the public about vaccines and encouraging Malaysians to get vaccinated, with his first video about back pains going viral! Salute to this medical myths debunker!

So, if you don’t want to be fooled by ridiculous myths and taboos, make sure to follow Dr. Samhan here!


6. Alex, a dancer who produces skillfully edited transformation videos

Findyourpurpose Alex Kv

What started out as scrolling through TikTok for entertainment and distraction, ended up becoming a challenge the former dance instructor set for himself to post TikTok contents daily for the next 100 days throughout MCO. The fact that we’re talking about him now shows that his challenge really worked, as you can see here:

Other than posting flow-with-the-groove dance videos and vlogs, he has also developed a newfound passion in transformation videos, which went viral in no time. Overtime, he has attracted over 5.7 million followers on TikTok, and shares a close knit relationship with his followers.

Follow Alex here for some skillfully edited transformation videos!


7. Afiq, a creative comedian who enjoys making people laugh

Fyp Afiq

Guys, meet the Malaysian version of “The Rock”, Afiq! His passion for creating video contents began when he was 15 years old, when he posted his first video on YouTube. When TikTok came about, he started posting videos on the new platform and quickly gained followers.

Born to entertain, it all started when Afiq hopped on the My Mom Met My Dad bandwagon, lip-syncing to STEEERLING’s This Is My Family song while depicting Shaheizy Sam and Dwayne Johnson as his celebrity parent-lookalikes; long story short, it really entertained the heck out of the world and shot him to having 1.4 million followers on TikTok!

Feeling gloomy? Watch Afiq’s hilarious videos here and you’ll feel better in no time!


TikTok has provided a huge platform for these gifted individuals to express themselves and grow their talents. From chefs to singers and educators, these TikTok creators demonstrated strong dedication to pursue their passions. The loving and supportive community makes TikTok an ideal platform to showcase all unique talents, ranging from music to poetry, martial arts, and many more! 😍

Fyp Group


While these TikTok creators wow us with their inspiring stories, let’s not forget that you can, too!

Now that you’ve read about these TikTok creators, we hope you’re motivated to #FindYourPurpose and keep creating content to find your very own niche. Whenever you’re in doubt, just look back at these successful TikTok creators and remind yourself that anything is possible as long as you chase your passion! 🤩

If you’re ready to discover yourself, don’t forget to scan QR code below to use the #FindYourPurpose Filter before embarking on your adventure!

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So, don’t waste any more time, guys. Start chasing your passions on TikTok to explore countless possibilities! Make sure to also support these local creators by following their pages.

For more information, you can follow TikTok Malaysia’s social media accounts on: 

Don’t forget to download the TikTok app on these platforms:


Who are your favourite Malaysian TikTok creators? Share with us below!

Source: TikTok
Source: TikTok
Source: TikTok
Source: TikTok
Source: TikTok
Source: TikTok
Source: TikTok

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