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7 M’sian Cops Broke Into a Datuk’s Home & Stole RM7.9 Million While He Was Away



7 M'sian Cops Raided a Datuk's Home And Stole RM7.9 Million While The Owner Was Away - WORLD OF BUZZ
Source: Sinar Harian / NST

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We thought this could only happen in a movie but oh, we were so wrong!

On 8 September, seven policemen comprising different ranks raided a businessman’s condo and blatantly stole RM7.9 million worth of cash from the premise. The incident happened in Lorong Ampang, Kuala Lumpur while the ‘Datuk’ owner was away in Indonesia.

Source: NST

According to NST, the raiding party consists of three senior police officers, four subordinates and a civilian. That night, it was an inspector from the narcotics division who led the raid, or should we say, the heist? 

Since they can’t simply barge into the condo, they arrested four employees of the businessman and allegedly faked the urine tests, saying the workers were tested positive for methamphetamine. That allowed them to gain access into the 50-year-old ‘Datuk’s home. 

A police report was made two days later when the businessman came back. He told the authorities that RM2 million, RM3.9 million and RM2 million were respectively stolen from his safe, master bedroom and his BMW X5. 

Also, the keys to his Bentley, Porsche Panamera, Porsche Macan and Ford Ranger were seized by the cops as well! They were smart enough to remove the home wireless CCTV cameras but totally forgot about the one in the basement.

The heist was captured by the basement CCTV where the corrupted cops were seen pushing away several trolley bags that contained cash. The raiding team later filed a report saying that only RM1.4 million was seized. Sounds like they were inspired by some Malaysian events! 

Anyway, they were soon picked up and RM5 million was recovered from the suspects. Out of that amount, RM3 million was retrieved from the inspector, three cops and the civilian.

A female assistant commissioner from the Bukit Aman headquarters turned in RM250,000 on Sunday night. Ironically, she was supposed to report for duty this week as the senior assistant commissioner with the Commerical Crimes Investigation Department. Guess she can say bye bye to the promotion.

Source: Mstar

A superintendent attached to the crime prevention unit and a deputy superintendent from the narcotics division are believed to have handed in hundreds of thousands of ringgits to the authorities later in the week. The case is still under investigation and the police will issue a statement if needed.

These are the dirty cops that the police force can do without if we’re honest. What’re your thoughts on this news? Let us know in the comments! 


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