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“Setahun hanya sekali!” 5 Exciting Things M’sians Can Only Look Forward to During Ramadan


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Source: 123RF & odua

Ramadan is a much anticipated month every year for all Malaysians. From delicious food to spending quality time with family, there are various traditions that will only happen during this special month. Yup, setahun hanya sekali jer!

With Ramadan around the corner, let’s look at a few exciting things that Malaysians are looking forward to doing during this year’s Ramadan!


1. Getting to end the work day earlier at 4PM

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During Ramadan, Muslim staff can get off work earlier so they can go home in time for buka puasa. Because of this, half the office would usually be empty as early as 4PM! Plus, non-fasting Malaysians won’t have to face after-work traffic jams since their Muslim colleagues are already home with their families for iftar. It’s a win-win for everybody! 


2. Having a gotong-royong session to clean the house

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As part of the preparation for Hari Raya, it’s common for the whole family to spring clean every nook and cranny of the house. The best part about this is when you and your siblings would get into gotong-royong mode and divide each cleaning task so that everybody plays a role in this.

Who else would volunteer to put kuih raya in cookie jars so that you can sneak some bites in while you work? 🙋‍♀️🙋‍♂️


3. Decorating your house by hanging up the ‘ketupat‘ lights

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Ramadan is simply not complete without hanging up those classic ‘ketupat‘ lights to brighten up the festivity of your home. We also love the tradition of lighting up pelita during ‘malam tujuh likur‘ (the seven nights before Raya) to welcome in the festive month and it makes it convenient to play bunga api, too! 🎇


4. When the radio starts playing classic Raya songs! 

Car Dashboard Radio Closeup Woman Sets Up Radio While Driving Car 231208 7684 1.Jpg Ed 1

Who doesn’t love those old-school Raya songs, right?

We always look forward to hearing them on the radio because they signify that we’re almost done with Ramadan which means Raya is just around the corner! These songs never fail to set the festive mood and get us feeling nostalgic! Our personal favourites are the classic Balik Kampung and Suasana Di Hari Raya! 🤩


5. Those ‘kecoh’ iftar sessions with your whole family

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What we love about Ramadan is how Malaysians would put aside their busy work schedules to come together to buka puasa with their whole family. After all, you can do this setahun hanya sekali, right? 😉

Also, make sure not to repeat last year’s ‘Raya terkejut‘ incident, okay! Don’t postpone your family plans because this special month will be over before you know it.

And speaking of making time for family, you can take some time to catch this heartwarming Raya brand film by McDonald’s too (with your family, of course)! After all, no Raya would be complete without short films that tug at the heartstrings. 

The brand film called “Jangan Tunggu Lama-Lama” tells the story of Ali and his efforts to be more prepared for this year’s Ramadan and Raya.

Apart from reminding viewers to stop procrastinating their Ramadan plans this year, it also emphasises the importance of #AdakanMasa (making time) for your family. Make sure to watch the brand film below!👇

The brand film also features an upbeat tune and catchy lyrics that give off a fun and wholesome vibe! So guys, take Ali’s advice and #JanganTungguLamaLama to #AdakanMasa with your family as much as you can this Ramadan okay! #IndahnyaRamadan


And if you’re planning to #AdakanMasa with family by breaking fast together, make sure to check out McDonald’s special Ramadan menu that will surely satisfy all your buka puasa cravings!

That’s right! The crowd-favourite McDonald’s Foldover is back along with other special Ramadan menu items!

Here’s the full list of McDonald’s Ramadan menu that Malaysians can check out:


Main Kv Eng

The iconic Ramadan menu loved by all Malaysians is back! You can enjoy the Chicken and Beef Foldover with either a Special Sauce or Garlic Sauce. Get the set and enjoy it with McD’s Apple Pie and Iced Lemon Tea!


Caramel Cream Cheese Pie and Blueberry McFlurry

Blueberry Mcflurry Cream Cheese Pie En

Of course, your iftar won’t be complete without dessert. Bite into the crispy pie shell to discover a cheesy and creamy filling that will satisfy your sweet tooth wishes!

Prefer something cool and refreshing? The Blueberry McFlurry delivers a refreshing yet familiar delight with the classic vanilla ice cream paired with a delicious blueberry sauce.


See anything you like? Then #JanganTungguLamaLama and get these special Ramadan menu items at any McDonald’s near you or via McDelivery while stocks last!

For more information about the brand film or to start ordering, you can visit McDonald’s website here. You can also keep yourself updated with their Ramadan menu by following them on Facebook or Instagram.

#IndahnyaRamadan #AdakanMasa #JanganTungguLamaLama


Source: 123RF
Source: 123RF
Source: odua

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