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OKU Drivers in E-Hailing Services Feel Discriminated by M’sian Govt, Wants It to End



OKU Drivers in E-Hailing Services Feel Discriminated by M'sian Govt, Wants It to End - WORLD OF BUZZ
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Some of the rules did not make sense!

A group of disabled drivers are asking for equal opportunity when it came to becoming a e-hailing driver. They even submitted a memorandum to the Ministry of Transport to consider.

The group also held up signages saying “Deaf is not a disease” and “OKU has a right to work”, reported The Star.

After knowing what they have to go through, you may also feel and understand why they are doing that. Here are some of the rules that the government implemented, but really have to reconsider:

1. Disabled drivers MUST purchase new hearing aids

The group’s representative, Mohd Azahar said that this is totally useless because some drivers have full hearing disabilities.

“They ask us to buy new hearing aids for us to use when we drive. However, some of us have full hearing disabilities.

“What is the point of us buying the device?” he asked.


2. Additional medical check-ups

Although these drivers already owned OKU cards, they are still required to do additional medical check-ups.

“We understand the government allowed us to obtain the PSV license, but we have to get a second and third medical and hearing test.

“All of us already have the OKU card, legally certifying us as OKU, in line with the Persons with Disabilities Act.”

3. On top of that, OKU drivers could only do their medical check-ups at Cheras Rehabilitation Hospital

This is diminishing the opportunity for disabled drivers as there are also many drivers who are from other states. Not only is this a financial burden, it serves as a big inconvenience as well for disabled drivers who wish to earn a living.


4. OKU driving tests are held only on one date

With the lack of flexibility or frequency for the examination being on other days, the OKU drivers found it very unfair as they may have an emergency on that date which renders them being unable to attend it.


These drivers are hoping to make a living despite their disabilities. Let’s hope the government can honestly reconsider some of the terms set to them, so they can obtain equal opportunities when it comes to being a driver too!

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