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M’sian Lawyer Explains Why Some Get Compounded Directly While Others Are Put Under Investigation



Source: Nabil Amirul | Twitter & China Press

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Recently, local celeb, Neelofa was slapped with a RM20,000 fine after she held a wedding ceremony that didn’t comply with Covid-19 SOPs. But, she didn’t get compounded immediately, unlike regular folks like the students from Perak or the burger vendor in Kelantan, as netizens pointed out.

Neelofa was initially under investigation for flouting the SOPs after news of her wedding started circulating, which prompted people to ask, why the double standards?

Malaysian lawyer, Mufarwa Farid, took to his Facebook page to answer that question.

He wrote, “SOP flouting cases. Why are there some who get compounded directly, while others have to wait for an investigation to begin?”

It all comes down to whether law enforcers see the flouting of the SOPs with their own eyes.

“It’s like this. People who get compounded directly are people who flout the SOPs in front of an enforcement officer. And for those who have to go through an investigation, they didn’t flout the SOPs in front of enforcement officers,”

“If you don’t wear a mask and you go to a shop, and then a police or health officer sees you, he will immediately compound you. If you hold a wedding ceremony that flouts the SOPs, but there isn’t a single police or health officer in attendance, then there will not be any direct compounds,” he shared.

He went on to explain that irresponsible parties would only get compounded at weddings if there was an ambush raid by the authorities, if an enforcement officer just happens to come by the event or if the authorities receive reports in real time by the general public.

“If the event is over, and pictures of the flouting of SOPs go viral, what to do? We, as the general public should make a police report,”

“And that’s why the police would then have to open at investigation. They’s have to call the organisers, find out how the SOPs were flouted, who flouted them, who is responsible and so forth. To put it easily, if the flouting of the SOPs have already happened, only then will they have to open an investigation. Not easily compound people without solid proof. Because, the authorities were not present at the scene,” he added.

So, there you have it folks.

If you see something, say something. Let your local authorities know if someone is being irresponsible and flouting the SOPs.

And, also, don’t flout the SOPs. So that together, we can be rid of the virus and our friends and families who are financially struggling through the pandemic can get their livelihoods back.

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Source: China Press
Source: China Press

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