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Does Twisting Your Mask’s Straps Stop Your Glasses From Fogging Up? We Find Out!



Source: WOB

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Now that the cases are rising again, many of us are wearing our masks for an extended period of time. For people who wear glasses, this means that we will be momentarily blinded by the fog at the most random times.


Actually, why do glasses fog up?

It’s actually simple science. When warm air hits a cool surface, condensation happens. As an example, when you exit your air-conditioned car at 1pm when it’s super warm outside, your glasses will instantly fog up.


Twisting your mask’s ear loops

Recently, a hack has been floating around the internet on how to make your glasses not fog up when you’re wearing a mask. The hack requires you to twist your mask elastics before wearing them. It does work to stop the fogging, however, a gap is created and this will probably make you more vulnerable, as according to AsiaOne.

Fear not, as we have scoured the internet to search for the best tips to prevent that from happening!


3 ways to stop fogging when you’re wearing your mask

According to Cleveland Clinic, the first way is to pull up your mask higher upon your nose bridge and press it gently so that it moulds into your face. This will prevent the warm air from exiting above.

Other than that, you can also seal the upper opening with some tape. However, you will need to make sure that you are not allergic to the tape. It is recommended to use medical tape.

We did not have any medical tape at hand, so we turned to cellophane tape instead. But the tape is slippery when it touches sweat, so using medical tape is highly recommended.

The last one is actually a tip that surgeons have been using for a while now. You just have to prepare some soapy water, dip your glasses in and shake off the excess. Then, you can let it air dry or wipe it off with a soft tissue. The thin layer of film acts as a protective barrier against fogging. However, you will need to ask your optician if your glasses will be able to withstand that as some glasses have a special protective film.

Some netizens have also said that applying a small amount of shaving cream will have the same effects.

What do you think about this? Let us know!


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Source: WOB

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