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Beware! M’sian Almost Gets Scammed After Receiving A COD Package



Source: Lynn Lin's Facebook

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Here we go again, but this time, nobody gets hurt!

In the realm of scams, nothing is impossible. And with everyone staying home all day now, scammers have been forced to become more and more creative with the way they fraud their victims.

Just yesterday, another scam was brought to the attention of Facebook users when Lynn Lin made a post about how she was almost scammed of RM75 after receiving a scam package in her mail!

今天早上 我收到了诈骗的包裹📦事情是这样的 ~ 今天我陪妈咪去吃东西然后我老公收到快递通知 有包裹到 所以在家等候 (因为我向来网购 电话号码都是放我老公的 日常都是他帮我签收包裹的)我也没想那么多…

Posted by Lynn Lin on Tuesday, November 17, 2020

It all started when she was out having breakfast with her mom, and her husband received a package while at home.

“I didn’t think so much because recently I really have packages arriving every day~ 11.11 😂 Plus, I’m currently preparing baby supplies, so it’s not surprising to have an express delivery arrive,” she writes.

But the surprising bit came when her husband was asked to pay RM75 for the package. When her husband called to question, Lynn was left confused because she has never used COD (Cash on Delivery) services before, so this was out of the ordinary.

“…I told my husband to show me what the package looked like. He told me it was a small package, but when I looked at the sender’s number, it looked weird. I told him directly not to accept it and to return it instead.”

“When I checked online, it was indeed a scam package. The tracking didn’t even indicate where the pickup was. I saw online that similar scams have happened where the victims actually paid, and the sender number was exactly the same.”

“These packages may contain waste paper or nothing at all. And once you’ve signed the parcel, you have to pay and there’s no way for you to lodge a complaint.”

She finishes her post with a warning to all her fellow online shoppers: “Friends who often shop online, please remind your family members again and again that when you encounter this type of very strange package, to return it. Do not sign for it.”

She stresses how important it is to inform your family members to be as wary as possible. Because in Lynn’s case, if her mom had been the one to receive the package instead, she would’ve signed it and got scammed.

We urge all Malaysians and avid online shoppers to learn from Lynn’s cautious actions and be more careful when signing and paying for parcels that request for COD, especially if you haven’t ordered anything online! Always check the sender information if you’re unsure– better safe than sorry.


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Source: Facebook
Source: Facebook

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