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Bank Negara Warns Malaysians Against Being Tricked By Scams Disguised As Online Contests



Source: AARP & Bank Negara Malaysia

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With people barely leaving their houses nowadays to stay clear of the virus, robbers have resorted to new schemes to steal our money. The latest trend that these thieves are exploiting is online scams.

Bank Negara Malaysia recently released a warning on their Facebook to caution the public against falling prey to a new kind of online scam that tricks netizens into entering online contests to win cash prizes. “The public is advised to be aware of this new online scam that exploits the concept of online competitions.”

These competitions are typically fashioned in a way where contestants are required to send in their personal information and winners will be picked at random. Bank Negara stressed that the public should never share their private data with any platforms, even if they have Bank Negara’s own logo on them. “Important reminder! Never share your personal information with anybody, even if there’s a BNM logo”.

In their post, Bank Negara included an example of one such online scam that required contestants to share personal information like pictures of their ATM cards (both front and back), your PIN number, and IC.

These scammers will typically use reputable brands to disguise themselves and prevent people from getting suspicious about their schemes. So the next time you receive a sketchy message that offers attractive prizes but requests for particularly detailed information, do be careful!

It’s always better to be safe than sorry. 


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Source: AARP

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