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Australian Guy Creates the Most Unique Cake in the World for His Birthday and It’s Glorious


When Cake Isn't Good Enough: Australian Guy Creates 54,000 Calorie Fast-Food Birthday Cake Of Nuggets, Pizza And Cheesburgers - World Of Buzz

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Credit: mlai.org

The concept of a fast food cake had been haunting chef Milton Lai for a while, and after being disappointed with what the food industry dubs as one, Lai set out to achieve a real proper fast-food cake. For ‘a cake must HOLD itself together’ and it should ‘slice and present nicely’.

The result? A calorie-ridden monster worth 54,000 calories.. and it costs a beautifully whopping AUD$120 (RM360)That’s as much as a 2-3 tiered cake!

After the feast, the chef concluded “it was a success in my eyes and everyone elses eyes (and stomaches)”.

Now that’s a real cake right there.

Credit: mlai.org

According to Milton, his epic cake consisted of:

  • 6 double cheese burgers from McDonalds
  • 4 large fries from McDonalds
  • 50 McNuggets from McDonalds
  • 3 large pizzas from Dominos
  • 1 KFC family feast
    • 15 pieces of chicken
    • 2 large potato and gravy
    • 2 large chips (not used)
  • 10 wicked wings (not used)

Breathingintensifies Zps519945Ed

“It was basically a fanciful display of KFC on a cupcake stand instead of a cake, which gave me the idea for the fast food cake.” he told The Daily Mail

“Then, all I had to do was determine which food combinations worked best for showing off the food as well as its structural integrity. The flavour combinations were only an after thought.”

This whiz-kid chef of sorts has taken initiative to bless (or curse, if you take your body’s point of view) readers on how he created this sinful gastronomic hell.

First, Milton started with a base of a “deep pan pizza from Dominos”.

Fastfoodcake01Credit: mlai.org

Next, he layered on a “chicken nugget fortress” on top, and fortified the insides with fries.

Fastfoodcake03Credit: mlai.org

The chef then planted on top a normal base pizza to create a tiered cake look, and then plonked on several double cheeseburgers. He adds that he picked double cheeseburgers out as they offer less bread and more height.

Fastfoodcake05Credit: mlai.org

Oh, and another pizza. Because go big or go home folks.

Fastfoodcake06Credit: mlai.org

Next come the KFC pieces and mash potatoes in the middle as the pièce de résistance. The chef’s tip for creating this piece of wonder? “Make sure that these align nicely with the pizza slices themselves.”

Fastfoodcake08Credit: mlai.org

Add candles, and hey presto. Insanely happy birthday boy not included.

Fastfoodcake08ACredit: mlai.org

According to Chef Milton, the burger, nuggets and fries held up pretty well when sliced but the chicken on top gave way.

Fastfoodcake10ACredit: mlai.org

According to his blog post, the chef hopes his little gourmet-shenanigans will inspire others to greater heights, and he welcomes discussions on improving his design. For haters who are screaming that this amount of fast food is death, it’s meant to be shared, and having it once a year will definitely not kill you.

So I guess I know what I’m doing for my next birthday!

Tumblr O37Rgmgo0Q1Rmm7Qzo1 500

*carefully studies recipe*

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