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This New System Will Be Replacing SMS TAC for Maybank App Users Starting 22 Jan



Starting 22 Jan, There'll Be No More SMS TAC For Maybank App Users - WORLD OF BUZZ 2
Source: NST & Asia Life Magazine

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Take note, Maybank app users! If you’re always using the Maybank app for your online transactions then you should know that there will be a new authorisation method that is coming into effect from 22 January 2019 onwards.

Based on an announcement that Maybank made on Dec 20, 2018, all Maybank app transactions including Instant Transfer and Interbank Giro Transfer to your non-favourite accounts, Bill Payment and Prepaid Reload will be required to use Secure2U. The previous authorisation method is known as SMS TAC (yes, that SMS you receive with a code that can only be used once!) will be replaced with Secure2U.

Maybank said that Secure2U is actually much safer and a more reliable transaction authorisation method compared to SMS TAC and it is part of their efforts to drive digital transformation in online banking. Since it will only be linked to one device and one username, this is meant to ensure more secure transactions.

There'll Be No SMS TAC For Maybank App Users S - WORLD OF BUZZ

Source: Maybank

Here’s how it works:

1. You will pair your device with your Maybank2u User ID and all transactions can only be authorised on the registered device

2. There are actually two transaction authorisation methods in Maybank’s Secure2u feature that you can choose: Secure Verification and Secure TAC

3. For Secure TAC, it is similar to SMS TAC but this time, the six-digit Transaction Authorisation Code (TAC) will be available on the Maybank app instead of through an SMS

4. Secure Verification is slightly different as users will receive a notification on their registered device’s Maybank app. You will have 30 seconds to “approve” or “reject” transactions on Maybank2U

However, they have also clarified to WORLD OF BUZZ that this is only for the Maybank app and users who use the full Maybank2U webpage can still continue to use SMS TAC service.

Remember to register for Secure2U on your Maybank app if you haven’t already! For more info, you can log on to Maybank’s website here.

Remind your friends and family if they are using the Maybank app for their transactions!


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