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This M’sian Kombucha Store Wants to Help You Send Love To Your Family & Friends This Christmas!



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Christmas is coming and even though we may not be able to move around like we used to, it is still the season of giving! And with the enhancement of delivery services today, you wouldn’t even have to leave your house to bless a friend with some delicious healthy drinks!

Kravings Kombucha is here to connect you with your loved ones that you probably haven’t seen in ages and hopefully cheer them up this Christmas season.

Kravings Kombucha is a small local family business that was officially launched on 3 October 2020 by 23-year-old David Tiah, who started making Kombucha in hopes of finding alternative drinks for his mother who loves sweet drinks but cannot really afford to indulge due to health reasons.

“I thought she might not like it at first, but to my surprise, just after having her first cup, she told me that it was delicious and told me to make more,” David told WORLD OF BUZZ.

“Soon my whole family was drinking it too. I went on from making a litre to a gallon pretty quick!”

“My family soon started pushing me to make this into a product as this could really change the way people enjoyed soda. You have the sweetness and fizziness of soda without the guilt and with plenty of health benefits!”

David now runs Kravings Kombucha with his family who has been working together to grow their business.

If you’re unfamiliar with what Kombucha actually is, it is a sweet, healthy and probiotic bubbly drink that is made by fermenting a secret blend of black tea. One can describe Kombucha to have a tangy and fizzy taste, which is made possible through a fermentation process called SCOBY (symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast).

With Kravings Kombucha, you get to have five fresh flavours catered to your taste and mood!

  1. Amazing Apple (RM12) – The amazing crispness of the apple that is set to tingle your tongue.
  2. Power Pam (RM12) – The crisp, zesty and refreshing sweetness of apples and pineapples with a cool minty taste from fresh mint leaves.
  3. Peppy Passion (RM12) – The passionate sweet and tangy flavour of a passion fruit that is guaranteed to refresh your day.
  4. Mango Mania (RM12) – The inescapable aroma of mango that tingles your tongue with a thick bubbly potion.
  5. Gentle Ginger (RM12) – A pleasant blend of ginger and tea to get your day going.

Now, Kravings Kombucha is launching an exciting new Christmas flavour which comes alongside their gifting series where you get to send love to your family and friends, both near or far, with a sweet bottle of Kombucha accompanied by a personalised note from you!

“The gifting series was birthed out of us missing our close friends and family. Looking at how everyone seems to be further apart from each other and with the possibility of us not being able to meet with our friends and family during this holiday season, my sister suggested this idea to me to allow people to send kombucha as gifts to their loved ones,” David told WORLD OF BUZZ.

“People will get to send personalised notes too so that their loved ones know that there is someone thinking about them and caring for them even in this difficult time,”

“We initially started by giving this new flavour to a few of our close friends and family, and seeing how much joy such a small gesture could bring, we knew that we wanted to give this platform to others!”

Kravings Kombucha’s Christmas deal launched on 28 November 2020 and is set to last until the end of the year. So don’t miss out and order right away!

You can order by visiting Orders.my or AirAsia Fresh. Alternatively, you can contact them by messaging them on Instagram (@kravings_kombucha) and Facebook.

What are you waiting for? Send love to your family and friends by ordering a bottle (or two) of Kraving Kombucha’s Christmas flavour for them today!


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