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“Free petrol & duit raya wei!” Here’s How PETRONAS Customers Can Win Prizes Worth Up to RM375k!


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Whenever there are contests that have juicy rewards like HUGE cash prizes, vouchers or even free petrol, konfem Malaysians will flock to join them. Of course lah, can save money AND (hopefully) get our dream goodies~

If bucket loads of cash or free petrol are prizes you’d fancy, then for sure you’ll wanna know about this campaign from PETRONAS.

Petronasmesra Kv

Liven up your journey with PETRONAS Mesrakan Perjalananmu, where Malaysians can stand a chance to win prizes worth RM375,000 in total!

Read on to find out what are the awesome prizes you stand to win from PETRONAS.


1. The destination prize matters too!

Petronasmesra Ss Prizes

The highest-valued prize on PETRONAS Mesrakan Perjalananmu would definitely be the Grand Prize of RM15,000, which only 10 lucky Malaysians will be able to bag. To be eligible for this treasure chest, Malaysians are encouraged to spend RM700 on fuel from now until 15 May before being randomly selected as one of 10 winners.

Even if you don’t land the big fish, the Monthly Prizes are still pretty rewarding too, with prizes like one-year supply of free petrol, 10,000 Mesra Rewards points, RM5,000 cash, and RM250 Setel vouchers up for grabs!

Grand Prize

  • RM15,000 cash x 10 winners


Monthly Prizes

  • RM5,000 Cash x 20 winners
  • 1-Year Free Fuel x 20 winners
  • RM250 Setel Voucher x 160 winners
  • 10,000 Mesra Rewards points (worth RM100) X 250 winners


2. It’s all about the journey (and prizes)

Petronasmesra Ss Steps

The best part of PETRONAS Mesrakan Perjalananmu? It’s super easy to join, and you’ll be spending on essentials like petrol or groceries jer. 

Here are a few methods you can try to earn ONE entry for each transaction:

  • Pump petrol: Spend RM40 minimum on PETRONAS Primax 95 with Pro-Drive or PETRONAS Primax 97 with Pro-Race at any PETRONAS station.
  • Shop at Kedai Mesra: Spend RM10 minimum at any Kedai Mesra in any PETRONAS stations (except for cigarettes, prepaid top-ups, Touch N’ Go and ePay).
  • Pay with Setel: Spend RM10 minimum on Setel (any transactions on Setel or paying via Setel) across Setel app’s features, as listed below (excluding petrol):
    • Café Mesra
    • Retail & online payments, including Setel QR Pay at the counter, Deliver2Me (except cigarettes, prepaid top-ups, Touch N’ Go, and ePay), and PETRONAS Shop
    • Motor & Takaful insurance
    • Road tax renewal
    • EV charging
    • Auto assistance
    • Parking
    • Petronas AutoExpert service center

Petronasmesra Ss Number

To make sure you gain entry for PETRONAS Mesrakan Perjalananmu, there are two ways to go about it:

  • With your mobile number  
    • Punch in your number on the Outdoor Payment Terminal (OPT) at the pump dispenser or Cashier Display System (CDS) at Kedai Mesra’s checkout counter upon completing a transaction.
  • Via the Setel app
    • Simply spending with the Setel app automatically grants you entry to the contest – convenient kan?


3. Road trips are now even more mesra!

To think that RM15,000 cold hard cash can be yours just by pumping petrol or stopping by Kedai Mesra to shop for essentials. 🤯 Even more reason to #SinggahDulu at your nearest PETRONAS station to spend and win.

And remember ah, PETRONAS Mesrakan Perjalananmu ends on 15 May, so you still got chance to win!

If you already have a physical Mesra card, you can finally go cardless by signing up for Setel and transferring your Mesra points!

Not yet a Mesra Rewards member? Sign up here today and earn up to 3x Mesra points when you make any purchases through Setel.

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