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Mufti Says Dancing to “Alamak Raya Lagi” Can be Haram, Songwriter Says Don’t Overthink the Song


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Source: YouTube | Faithful & Sinar Harian

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Raya is all about celebrating the success of soldiering through Ramadhan, and to spice things up even more, many households turn on the Raya songs during Raya month. This year, Alamak Raya Lagi by De Fam broke the internet, with the song gaining global recognition with fans around the world dancing to the rhythm.

Terengganu Mufti, however, believes that dancing to Alamak Raya Lagi can be Haram, especially for the ladies, according to a statement shared by Jakim.


“This trend, all for a content can be Haram because it’s lowering the dignity of women, not to mention how they’re revealing their aurat.”

Datuk Dr. Mohamad Sabri Harun said dancing to Alamak Raya Lagi not only shows a negative reputation but also ruins the Raya celebration which should be harmonious. Sabri also expressed his sadness to see fellow Muslim friends following the trends online without considering the consequences.

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A still from de fam’s alamak raya lagi

“It regrets me to see how many Muslim friends are following the trend without thinking if it’s positive or negative. Think before you do something, it might just ruin our harmonious culture.”

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Avid social media users are likely to notice that the song IS EVERYWHERE, especially when you scroll TikTok where users are using Alamak Raya Lagi as the accompanying background song. Does the song express the singers’ dreading feelings and emotions about Raya?

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Here’s what De Fam had to say about the misconceptions, and they’re in NO WAY complaining about Raya.

According to a report, Sophia, one of the members and songwriters said the song is nowhere near about being ungrateful about Raya, but merely capturing the hectic moments while preparing for the celebration.

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“If you watch the music video, it’s about how hectic it can be during Raya preparation, which has never been done before in the history of Raya songs.”

De Fam also reminded listeners to NOT overthink the song because Alamak Raya Lagi is meant to be entertainment. You can watch the music video below.

To our Muslim friends, how’s your Raya going so far? Are you still celebrating, and what do you think of the song?


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