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“I’ll Call Anwar” – M’sian Woman Threatens to Call PM on PBT Officers Trying to Demolish Alleged Illegal Structure


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Source: #UpdateInfo | Twitter

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Many people tend to build extensions of their properties and other features around their houses for their own various reasons. For instance, many people like to build small temples around their houses for religious and protection purposes.

But, they would also need to make sure that these structures are actually built on their own property instead of on public or government land.

One woman is now going viral for aggressively trying to stop local authorities (PBT) from demolishing a small temple that was built to as protection for their neighbourhood, while threatening to call Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim. The #UpdateInfo Twitter page shared a video of this incident.

Demolish 1


In the video, the local authorities, apparently in Selayang; had arrived with a bulldozer to demolish the small temple that was allegedly built on government land, which would make the structure illegal.

The woman, blocking the bulldozer from the temple, yelled at the authorities to stop before saying that she will call PM Anwar Ibrahim.

Demolish 2

Demolish 3

“If you’re going to demolish it, I will now call the Prime Minister! Give me 5 minutes. I’ll call the Prime Minister.”

The bulldozer then moved it’s bucket, causing the woman to push at it and scream, “DON’T!”, multiple times.

Completely breaking down, the woman yelled that the structure isn’t illegal and asked why the authorities were trying to demolish it, all while a female officer tried to calm her down.

Demolish 4

Demolish 5

She also asked to see a letter formally addressing the demolition, to which the authorities did not have (and netizens shared that they did not need if the structure really is built on government land).

The woman then asked for the phone that was recording the scene so that she can call PM Anwar.

Give me the phone, I want to call the Prime Minister. You stop first! I’m not blaming you guys, you’re not in the wrong. The person in the wrong is the ex-YB ADUN for this area. They want to cause problems here. Who is the YB? They lost already. I want to call Anwar,” she says before taking the phone and ending the recording.

It is still unknown as to the outcome of this situation or whether she managed to call PM Anwar.


You can check out the video here

What do you think about this incident? Do feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section.


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Source: #UpdateInfo
Source: #UpdateInfo
Source: #UpdateInfo
Source: #UpdateInfo
Source: #UpdateInfo

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