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M’sian Stewardess Shares How She Sleeps With Men Worldwide & Why She Now Regrets It


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A Malaysian air-stewardess, Mei Li (pseudonym) recently shared a story on how her reckless actions led to her getting pregnant with a stranger’s child.

Joining the international airline when she was only 19 years old, Mei Li spent most of her first year living her best life with travelling the world and hooking up with men from different countries.

“During my layovers, I would usually go on casual dates. I loved meeting attractive men while waiting for my next flight home.”

Mei Li would also spend her time going on dating apps, matching with attractive men and having as much ‘fun’ as she could with them.

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“I would have a ‘marathon’ of men come to my room”

Mei Li even stated about how one of her dreams during this time was to be with men from all over the world.

“I guess this was how I travelled the world.”

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Baby on Board… But who’s the daddy?

With any peak, there is a fall… and Mei Li discovered hers when she found out that she was pregnant! After noticing that her period was late, she decided to take a pregnancy test which ultimately confirmed that she was carrying a child.

What’s more shocking, was that she recalled the night that her child was conceived… and it happened through a Ménage à trois (if you know, you know). 

“I remember that night. I had just landed and was feeling up to some spicy adventure. The moment I reached my hotel, I whipped out my app and started swiping. I was looking to fulfil a fantasy of meeting 3 men at the same time.

“You would think it’s hard to coordinate it, but it was surprisingly easy to get the three strangers to agree. Between the 3 men that night, they were all of different ethnicities. There was a South African white man, a British-born Nigerian man, and the other guy was from Argentina.”

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“I know I made a huge mistake, but I can’t bear to abort my baby”

Going through your pregnancy alone is one thing, but not knowing who the child’s father is can be overwhelming for anyone. Although Mei Li would’ve hoped for better circumstances regarding this pregnancy, abortion is definitely out of the picture.

“I have always wanted kids, just not under these circumstances. I wanted to be older, married, and more financially secure. I want to do this with a partner, not alone.”

Mei Li has also expressed that having this child would force her to quit her job of being an air stewardess due to the hectic lifestyle that a child would not be in sync with. With nobody except her two closest friends to explain her situation to, Mei Li says how she feels stuck in this situation with regrets of her decisions made.

“If I have this baby, I will have to quit my job eventually and figure out how to earn a living and take care of this child.

“On the other hand, if I don’t go through with the pregnancy, I’m afraid I will be ridden with guilt and my conscience will suffer.”

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What do you think Mei Li should do in her situation? Let us know in the comments!


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Source: 123RF
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Source: 123RF

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