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“Aren’t we supposed to respect each other?” – Adeline Says She’s a Victim of Defamation & Cyberbullying


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Source: Facebook | Adeline Chang

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From allegedly not paying for her e-hailing rides to doing live videos on social media, the viral passenger, Adeline found unexpected (and excessive) fame online. She’s well aware of her fame but she doesn’t enjoy some part of it.

Thanks to the culture of cyberbullying, Adeline feels that many people don’t have what it takes to be respectful.

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In her Facebook post recently, Adeline said that she has ALWAYS been the victim in all viral cases, mostly due to the handiwork of social media circulation.

“I am a victim of defamation and cyberbullying on the Internet.”

Throughout this phase, Adeline has been called names, including the Ice Age Cartoon where social media users compare her with 1 of the characters in the famous animation. The toxic culture has left her baffled and wondered if mutual respect still exists.

“Aren’t we supposed to respect each other? If no one respects me, then I am no doubt a pitiful victim.”

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Following her viral cases involving unpaid debts, Adeline unexpectedly received many invitations by Malaysian business organisations for live videos on Facebook, where she made some money through the platform. The plot thickened when Adeline’s twin sister also became part of the fame when she joined the live videos.

In another post, Adeline also claimed that 1 of the social media users insulted the sisters, calling the pair “aliens”.

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“He even asked how long does it take to travel from my left eye to my right eye after calling my sister & I an alien.”

Adeline added that during 1 of the live videos, the scene was “raided” by strangers who wanted to attack all the live streamers, causing Adeline and her sister to feel threatened.

“My sister and I couldn’t handle the situation and they were too many attackers. I don’t mind losing money but it’s all about my safety.”

Adeline may have gained fame for all the wrong reasons but that does not grant anyone the right to attack her personally, be it online or in real life, including body shaming. 


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