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This 9yo Malaysian Genius Invented A Spacesuit Toilet For Astronauts and Won NASA’s Challenge



Source: Youtube

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Nine-year-old Zyson Kang Zy Shun, has made history by beating nearly 900 participants from 85 different countries with his brilliant invention that crowned him the champion of NASA’s Lunar Loo Challenge 2020.

Spacesuit Lunar Toilet 

The design created by the young genius is known as the “Spacesuit Lunar Toilet” and it fits snugly in an astronaut’s spacesuit. “It works by applying a manual mechanical kinetic concept to produce a vacuum suction power to crystalise the urine and fecal matter for safe disposal,” said Zyson to WOB.

What’s amazing about this design is that it doesn’t require any electrical component which effectively minimises the potential of something going wrong in space. All the astronaut has to do is move their legs and press on a syringe attached to their boots to create a suction force that will transfer the urine down into a container.

Months of preparation

WOB spoke with Zyson’s coach, 43-year-old Chong Soo Sheong from I Discovery World science enrichment centre to learn more about the young inventor’s passions.

“Since young, Zyson has always been enthusiastic about astronomy. He reads a lot of books related to space and the solar system. He is passionate about automotive vehicles and Genetic Engineering too. Before this, he has participated in many local science fairs. Now he has the chance to showcase his talent to the whole world.”

Chong said that Zyson’s parents knew he was a huge NASA fan and when they found out about the NASA Lunar Loo Challenge through their website, Zyson and his coach went through months of preparation to finish the winning design. “We spent about two months on the entire process, from brainstorming to finishing the end product.”

Zyson knew what an important invention this would be for astronauts who play such crucial roles in ventures to outer space. “In his mind, astronauts play a very important role in lunar missions. He wants to create a more convenient and efficient way for them to excrete their body wastes. He does not want them to get back to the moon-based gateway space station just do it,” said Chong.

Can be used by frontliners too 

Zyson’s groundbreaking invention won’t just help astronauts, they can help doctors and nurses too. As frontliners all over the world are pre-occupied with fighting this pandemic, some can’t even find the time to go for bathroom breaks. But that could change with the creation that this young genius has introduced to the world.

“The design can not only be used on the moon, it also can be used as a medical toilet,” explained Zyson in a webinar with the NASA team. “Since we are now in a pandemic, sometimes doctors and nurses need to pee or poop. So they can just do it (with the device) even when they are saving people”.

Watch the aspiring geneticist explain his invention here.

What a remarkable young mind! Kudos to Zyson for making Malaysia proud with this achievement. 


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Source: Youtube

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