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The Real Reason Why M’sian Road Signs Come in Different Colours, Numbers and Letters



M'sian Road Signs Have Different Colours, Numbers, and Letters on Them, Here's the Reason Why - WORLD OF BUZZ
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Have you ever wondered why the road signs in Malaysia come in different colours and are often accompanied by numbers or alphabets? Well, apparently every single element on these boards represent something (duh!) and it’s important for road users to know them.

If you never knew what they mean, carry on reading this list! 


1. Blue signboards are used for non-tolled federal, state and municipal roads


Source: Blogspot


2. Green signboards are used for tolled highways or expressways

Source: Timothy Tye


3. The ‘E’ on the board signifies the road is an expressway 


Source: Kemakmuran


4. Federal roads are represented by numbers only

Source: Kemakmuran


5. State roads are represented by numbers and alphabets

Source: Kemakmuran


6. Yellow letterings are for road names

Source: Blog


7. White letterings are for towns and areas

Source: Wikipedia

For instance, Seremban, Cheras and Kota Damansara.


8. White letterings against a maroon background are for tourist destinations


9. Orange letters with a green background are for government institutions


10. The destinations on road signs are arranged from the bottom (nearest) to top (furthest) according to distance

Source: NST

For instance, you will reach Alor Gajah before Tampin if you exit left.

Bonus fact: The Malaysian Highway Authorities (Lembaga Lebuhraya Malaysia) actually developed a new type of font called LLM Lettering to be used on road signs. In fact, you can download the font here

Source: Wikipedia

Before we became heavily dependent on Waze, road signs used to be our compass and saviour to navigate around Malaysia. So, let’s take a moment to appreciate the hard work put into making these road signs and educate our fellow Malaysians by sharing this article! 


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