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Ever Wondered Why Shah Alam Roads Have Unique Names? Here’s Why!


Ever Come Across Weird Road Names In Shah Alam? Here'S Why They Are Named Differently - World Of Buzz 1
Source: NST & Property Guru

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When strolling or driving around Shah Alam, we are bound to come across several odd  – and, kinda random – street names that may not make sense, right?

Well, news flash! They actually do make sense because they are named according to the different themes of the sections in Shah Alam. The streets around each section carry a theme to signify Shah Alam as a modern city that still retains its Malaysian identity. Pretty cool, right?

So, to take a glimpse of the odd but ordinary street names in Shah Alam, we have put together a list to share some of the streets’ names that we find the most interesting amongst all of the sections in the city!


1. Section 2: Types of flowers

Section 2’s streets are named after flowers that grow only in a tropical climate like Malaysia.

  • Jalan Bunga Teratai (Lotus)
  • Jalan Bunga Raya (Hibiscus)
  • Jalan Bunga Kekwa (Chrysanthemum)


2. Section 4: Types of fruits

Roads in this section are given their title after some of the famous fruits that you can find all over Malaysia.

  • Jalan Duku
  • Jalan Durian
  • Jalan Manggis (Mangosteen) 


3. Section 6: Types of birds

Paying homage to birds that breed predominantly in Malaysia, Section 6 carries these local bird species’ names on its streets.

  • Jalan Merbah (Bulbul)
  • Jalan Tiung (Mynah)
  • Jalan Puyuh (Quail) 


4. Section 10: Types of clothing

Traditional clothes are the perfect examples to celebrate the multinational country that we are. So, naming Section 10 roads after them is definitely fitting!

  • Jalan Sampin
  • Jalan Cheongsam
  • Jalan Sari (Saree)


5. Section 11: Culture and arts

Shah Alam Sections' Street Theme - World Of Buzz 15

Source: steemd

Obviously, with our rich culture, it’s only right that Section 11 streets are named after some of the most important elements of Malaysian culture.

  • Jalan Wau – these traditional kites are usually made in the shape of the crescent moon but sometimes they are also made in different shapes that represent Malaysia.

Fun fact 01: We have three types of traditional Wau(s) – Wau Bulan, Wau Kucing and Wau Jala Budi. 

  • Jalan Gendang (Drum)
  • Jalan Gasing (Top) 


6. Section 12: Old Malay government

Section 12 streets’ names don’t come as a surprise because the old Malay government is an essential part of our history. So, that’s why MBSA decided to dedicate Section 12 streets to the ancient Malay government.


7. Section 13: Types of sports

Sports are a very important part of our country’s identity! This is because sports are able to strengthen our bonds and make us proud of our wonderful athletes’ achievements. Thus, Section 13 is named after some of Malaysians’ favourite sports and pastimes.

  • Jalan Dam
  • Jalan Bola Lisut (Soft Ball) 
  • Jalan Bola Sepak (Football)


8. Section 16: Herbs

Herbs are a must-have for that flavourful Malaysian cooking! It’s really a no-brainer that these roads were named after regular herbs that are integral to our every day cooking.

  • Jalan Lada Sulah (White Pepper)
  • Jalan Paku – It’s an edible fern that is popular in Malay cuisine and they are delicious if eaten with the right side dishes!
  • Jalan Asam Jawa (Tamarind)


9. Section 17: Types of fish

Ever Come Across Weird Road Names? Here's Why Shah Alam Roads Are Named Differently - World Of Buzz

Source: naturephoto

You can find these fishes across Malaysian waters. Most of them grow in fresh water all around Asia!

  • Jalan Kap (Carp)
  • Jalan Siakap (Barramundi) 
  • Jalan Haruan (Snakehead)  


10. Section 19: Types of employment in coastal areas

Coastal areas industries are very prominent in Malaysia because they are one of the main sources of income in our country. So, to commemorate these important local industries, MBSA labelled Section 19 streets after them.

  • Jalan Nelayan (Fisherman) 
  • Jalan Dayung (Rowing)

Fun fact 02: It’s an actual sport!  

  • Jalan Sulam (Embroidery)


11. Section 20: Types of animals

Embodying the international aspects of Shah Alam, Section 20’s roads was given names of animals from all over the world. Below are some of our favourites:

  • Jalan Singa (Lion)
  • Jalan Tupai (Squirrel)
  • Jalan Panda


12. Section 21: Cemeteries

There’s not a person in Shah Alam and areas around the city who has not heard of Nirvana Memorial Park. If you have not, it isn’t your typical spooky graveyard that can scare the living daylights out of someone. IMHO, you can actually go for a picnic at Nirvana Memorial Park!

Therefore, since this is the main attraction at Section 21, the road over there is called Pusara (Graveyard). Simple as that!

  • Jalan Pusara (Cemetery: Nirvana Memorial Park)


13. Section 24: Types of vegetables

Shah Alam Sections' Street Theme - World Of Buzz 41

Source: manfaat

It looks like they have really localised the roads in Shah Alam! This is because Section 24 roads are given names after local vegetables that are very common in every Malaysian kitchen.

  • Jalan Bayam Merah (Red Spinach) 
  • Jalan Tomato
  • Jalan Timun (Cucumber)


14. Section U1: Careers (Glenmarie)

It’s not every day you see roads named after the careers of local citizens but you can find them in the streets of Section U1: Glenmarie.

  • Jalan Doktor (Doctor)
  • Jalan Perintis (Spy/Detective)
  • Jalan Peguam (Lawyer) 


15. Section U5: Galaxy (Bandar Pinggiran Subang, Subang Pelangi, Subang Mahsing)

Like mentioned above, apart from localising the streets of Shah Alam, MBSA also finds it important to retain the modernity of Shah Alam. Hence, Section U5 streets carry the names of components – mainly, planets – in the Galaxy.

  • Jalan Uranus
  • Jalan Bumi (Earth) 


These street names are very ordinary because we use them in our day-to-day vocabulary but still they are a bit peculiar and sort of random for a street, don’t you think? 

Well, it’s obvious that the streets in Shah Alam have very unique names that stay true to our Malaysian roots while holding on to its modern-international identity.

What are some of the other unique street names you have come across in Malaysia? Share with us in the comments below! 


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