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Save Money And Fix Your Broken Slippers Using 5 Items You Can Find At Home!


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Have you ever broke your flip-flops at the most inconvenient moment and you just didn’t have the time to buy a new pair? Or maybe they’re your favourite pair of slippers and you’re just not ready to let them go.

And now, during the lockdown, shoe repair services or your go-to cobbler may not be open for the time being and you need to find a solution as soon as possible.

Well, fret not, because you can temporarily fix them using items that you can find right in your own home!

Broken Flip Flop


Here are five easy hacks you can use to fix your broken flip-flops!


1. Bread tags

Bread tags can be reused in so many ways, but did you know you can also fix your broken slippers with them?

All you have to do is insert your flip-flop strap into the gap on the bread tag, which will act as a stopper to prevent the strap from pulling through.

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2. Paper clip 

Find a large paper clip and poke the sharp point of the clip into the strap of the broken flip-flop. It might take some effort to get the metal wire through, but once that’s done, you’ll have a usable slipper again in no time!

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3. Safety pin

Find a large and sturdy safety pin and poke the pin into the slipper strap. Push the pointed part of the pin all the way through and close the pin to secure it.



4. Soda can tab

If you have soda cans in your house, don’t throw them away just yet! You can use the soda can tab to fix your broken slippers as well!

Similar to using the bread tag, insert the slipper strap into the hole to prevent the strap from pulling through. You can use one or even two for extra security!



5. Screw and washer

If you’re able to find a screw and a washer in your house, they could come in handy in fixing your broken slippers too!

Insert the screw through the washer before screwing it into the flat part of the strap. This will secure the contraption in place so that the strap won’t pull through to the other side.

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And there you have it! Five easy ways to fix your broken flip flops at home with no cost at all!

Do you know of any other ways to fix broken slippers? Let us know in the comments below!


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Source: WOB
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