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Don’t Throw Away These Foam Fruit Wrappers! Here Are 5 Surprising Ways You Can Reuse Them


Foam Wrapper Hacks
Source: Provided to WOB & Asad Nazir l Pexels

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As a kid, did you ever question why some fruits wore “clothes” while others didn’t? After becoming adults, we soon realised that those “clothes” were used to protect the fruits from being bruised during transit.

Apples And Pears

It may be out of habit but once we get our fruits back home, the first thing we usually do is take out the foam wrapper and throw it away. But after coming across a video made in 2018 by CGTN which suggests alternative ways for us to use foam wrappers, we won’t be throwing this useful packaging in the trash any time soon. Here’s a list of everything you can do with foam fruit wrappers!


Cup sleeve

Foam Wrapper Hack Cup Sleeve

This one is a classic and it really works when you have a really hot or cold beverage which will hurt your hand if you hold it for long periods of time. By using the foam wrapper as a cup sleeve, you are essentially creating a barrier between your hand and the cup. Now you can have your drink just the way you like it!


Packing material

Foam Wrapper Hack Packing Material

Wrapping our essential oil burner with the foam wrapper.

If you’re an online seller who’s looking to send something fragile to a customer or maybe to a family member, you could cover them in these wrappers as they absorb impact to protect their content. The best part about these foam wrappers is that it’s not only limited to fruits! We got our wrapper from buying milk bottle teats.


Non-slip coaster

Foam Wrapper Hack Coaster 1

We know that tins and cups tend to move around on a surface way easier when there is a puddle of water there. But by using the foam wrapper as a coaster, it helps to increase the friction between surfaces, making it harder to move around.


Making chair pads non-slip

Foam Wrapper Hack Non Slip Chair Pad

Working from home has made it so that having chair pads is essential. Be that as it may, some chair pads are very slippery. In order for them to stop dropping to the floor every time we stand up, we placed several foam wrappers between the pad and the chair that helped to increase the friction between surfaces. Lo and behold, it actually worked! 


Chair leg pads

Foam Wrapper Hack Chair Leg Pad

Yes, it’s another chair hack. But considering how a large majority of us spend more than half the day sitting down, these tips are definitely useful!

Everybody has experienced the cringe-y moment when someone drags out a chair and an unbearable screech emits from it. By doing a little DIY with measuring, cutting and sticking the foam wrappers to the base of our chair legs, we can minimise the risk of our ears bleeding every time someone pulls out a chair. The friction will force the person to lift the chair instead of drag it.

Do you use the foam wrapper for any other purpose? Let us know in the comments!


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