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M’sian Man Proudly Shows Off Not Wearing A Mask & Calls Those That Follow SOPs “Farm Animals”



Source: Facebook & Jakarta Globe

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The government has announced that the usage of face masks will be mandatory in public places starting 1st August. It is, of course, encouraged that we wear it starting from yesterday.

A Malaysian man proudly posted on Facebook that he and his family were not wearing a mask in a mall and the post has come under fire across most social media platforms. Here’s a screenshot of the post:

“Just now I went to the mall without wearing a mask with my wife and kids. Just needed to show the mask in my hand when I was entering the carpark.”

“In the mall, everyone was wearing a mask and I whispered to my wife: Isn’t it fresh, dear? Our family has been blessed with fresh oxygen that is not polluted by human breath.”

“P.S: If you want to wear a mask, then wear it. Don’t look at people who are not wearing masks like they are weird animals. You’re actually the senseless farm animals who are following each and every instruction of the shepherd.”

Indonesian workers in Batam.

Understandably, netizens were pretty upset and most of them tried to educate him while the others ridiculed him. He tried to justify his point on his private Facebook account and posted cryptic sarcastic posts. Here are some examples:

“Actually I am someone who is loyal to our leaders. So I only follow their acts who do not follow the Covid-19 SOPs. I’m sorry if I have caused you, people, to be infected by the caci maki (scorning) virus.”

“I know now my mistakes, I will be wearing my face mask and will be bringing hand sanitisers everywhere, even to the toilet in my house.”

“My initial aim is to give you guys the awareness that you are fearing the “kobes19 hoax” more than Allah SWT. ”

It seems like he does not have any intentions of stopping. What do you guys think of this? Let us know in the comments.


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Source: Facebook

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