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Moving Out After The FMCO? M’sians Share 5 Things They Dread About Moving & How To Handle It



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Source: Storyblocks & Contractor Talk

If you have never moved homes on your own before, many Malaysians who have can tell you that it’s a long and arduous process. Aside from all the physical work you have to do moving your things from one house to another, there’s also all the paperwork you need to deal with.

These are just some of the things you have to handle when moving out of your current home to another:

1. “I gave away and sold most of my old furniture but shipping them cost me a bomb” – Danny, 35

Mover Refrigerator Edited

Hiring a lorry could cost around RM400 per trip and if you have a lot of things to deliver to multiple locations, it’s going to be quite heavy on expenses. You could arrange for self-pickup to save on hiring movers but the drawback could be that you might have to work around other people’s schedules to accommodate their pick-up times.


2. “I needed my fridge sent to my new home urgently but couldn’t get any movers on such short notice” – Diana, 29

Fridge Truck

You can diy if you have a truck

Sometimes, plans change and the need to get things done last-minute is inevitable. Back then, you would have to call a moving company and arrange a schedule with them to pick up and deliver your things.

But today, there are convenient on-demand delivery apps you can use like Lalamove to instantly get a suitable vehicle right at your fingertips. On top of that, they’re much more affordable too as they allow you to ‘pay-per-delivery’ and charge by delivery distance!


3. “There was a huge deposit I had to pay the movers just to book them” – Fairuz, 36

Deposit Edited 1

It’s quite common for movers to request a deposit in order to ensure that both parties stay committed. However, as best practice, you should never pay a deposit higher than 10% and always pay it with a credit card instead of cash in case anything goes wrong.

Alternatively, you could use a delivery app that offers ‘pay upon delivery’ and transparency by reflecting all the costs of moving your things. This way, you’ll know exactly how much you’ll be paying and won’t have to worry about any “hidden” charges.


4. “I barely have time to look for movers and wait around for them with my busy schedule” – Chen, 37

Waiting For Delivery

When you have to source for movers and handle the booking process manually, it’s going to take up quite a bit of your time. This is inevitable if you want to make sure your goods arrive safely and on time.

For those with a busy schedule, you should use a delivery service app that can help you book a lorry with just a few taps while offering a tracking function, so you know exactly when to expect their arrival. This will save you time as you can go about your day without bothering yourself too much on the manual process and worrying about rushing to your new home when the movers get there!


5. “I ended up overpaying for a huge lorry because that’s all the moving company offers” – Josh, 34

Modular Truck Edited

Nobody wants to overpay the delivery service when moving to a new place especially after spending a bomb on the house itself as well as ensuing repairs and renovations. Instead, you might want to look for movers or delivery services that offer different vehicle types to suit your needs and budget.

You wouldn’t want to be paying the full price of a lorry just to send things that can fit in a van or 4×4 pickup truck, right? For example, you can actually get a 3-ton lorry to move all your furniture in one go or get a 1-ton lorry if you have less to move. Or, you can also move the stuff yourself.

But why go through all that trouble when you can use Lalamove as an all-time delivery solution for small to large items?

With Lalamove, you will have a fleet of vehicles at your disposal as and when you need it! There’s no delivery too large or too small as they provide multiple vehicle classes from motorcycles and cars to big lorries!

Screenshot 20210629 114302 E1624938309109

With a handy mobile app that is available for download on both Google Play Store and Apple App Store, you can organise deliveries at the touch of a button. They’re also suitable for any sort of delivery, and not only for moving furniture!

Here are a few reasons why Lalamove would be a great choice as your preferred delivery solution:

  • It’s a faster, on-demand delivery platform that will match you with a delivery partner within seconds
  • Affordable and transparent pay-per-delivery costing by distance in the app before confirming your delivery.
  • A vast range of vehicle options for on-demand deliveries

Their multiple vehicle classes are suitable for business or personal use such as:

  • Motorcycles & cars
    • Best vehicle class for faster deliveries and running urgent errands.
    • Lalamove Motorcycles come with a special insulated bag that helps preserve perishables such as temperature-sensitive goods.
    • Lalamove cars can be used to send small bulky items such as groceries, flowers, cakes, and parcels.
    • Best for small or home business owners who require a more affordable logistics partner.
    • Rates: Affordable rate starting from RM5.
  • 4×4 trucks & vans
    • Ideal for individuals or couples who don’t require bigger vehicles like a lorry to move houses.
    • Also suitable for business owners who need a medium-sized vehicle to deliver bulk product orders.
    • Rates: Starts from RM22 for the 4×4 and RM40 for a van.
  • Lorry, including cold trucks
    • Ideal for moving and business deliveries.
    • 1-ton and 3-ton lorries that can deliver up to 1,000kg and 3,000kg in loading weight respectively.
    • Frozen food businesses can use Lalamove Cold Truck as an alternative logistics partner to boost their supply chain.
    • Rates: Starts from RM60 for the 1-ton lorry and RM140 for the 3-ton lorry.

Screenshot 20210624 163341 E1624524491186

So as you can see, Lalamove is a one-stop all-time delivery service which you can use to make any kind of delivery you need. When you do decide to try it out, they also have a special discount code for first-time users!

Just type ‘LAWOB6’ to enjoy RM6 OFF your first motorcycle for car delivery or ‘LAWOB20’ for 20% OFF your first 4×4 pickup truck delivery.

202171 91457

Remember to download the Lalamove app from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store, sign up for an account to get the discount code, and you’ll have the entire Lalamove fleet right at your fingertips!

It’s never been this easy to get a reliable all-time delivery service, don’t you think?

Source: Euractiv

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