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From 2As in SPM to A Fast-Track Program to PhD, Malaysian Shares His Success Story



Source: Amardeep Singh Dhillon & Shanno Randhawa

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At one point in time, most Malaysians thought that SPM was a defining point in their lives. However, as we progress further, we realise that probably SPM is not that important but what comes after is. 

Amardeep Singh Dhillon was down in the dumps when he realised that he had just gotten only 2 As for his SPM.

“I thought it was the end, and I did not know what to do. To gain admission into public universities in Malaysia, you need good results and my family was not in a good enough financial position to support private college education.”

In order to counter that, Amardeep managed to apply for a 3-year Diploma course in electronics engineering in a public polytechnic. As he did not want to get bad results again, he studied hard. He even got 4.0 for two semesters!

Through that, he was able to get into a public university (UTEM) for his undergrad. He continued working hard in his Electronics Engineering degree while still staying active in curricular activities and joining multiple competitions. When he graduated in 2019 with a 4.0, he managed to get a Vice-Chancellor Award from his university for his results and curricular achievements.

His hard work and dedication landed him to where he is now, on a fast-track program at Monash University Malaysia to finish up his PhD which he will be completing in two and a half year’s time.

Speaking to World of Buzz on his success, Amardeep says,

“I am where I am today because of my family. When I was 7, my father was involved in a bad road accident and has been bedridden since then. My family went through a very tough period after that incident but we persevered and supported each other throughout. My mother, especially, is a true driving force. What I have achieved in life so far, I dedicate it to her.”

He adds that if you have faced a bad grade at some point in life, you shouldn’t let it define you.

“Getting a poor grade is a major bummer. But here’s the important part: the grade does not define you, but what you do afterwards does.”

If you ever feel down in the dumps about it, Amardeep advises that you should hit pause on it and only face it (and analyse it) when you’re ready to fix it.

We wish Amardeep all the best in his academic journey!


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