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Customer Questions M’sian Home Baker After Calculating Cost Price of Cheese Tarts Using Excel



Source: Asikin Abrani | Facebook

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We have all heard the phrase ‘The customer is always right’. But, are they really?

If you think about it, some customers can be rather rude or demanding to sellers. Some may even disregard these sellers, forgetting that they are humans too.

This Malaysian netizen, Asikin Abrani, who is a home baker, took to her Facebook page to share an encounter she had with a stingy customer who allegedly calculated the cost price of Asikin’s cheese tarts using Microsoft Excel.

Minta maaf ye 🙏🏻🙏🏻 kalau rasa mahal caj cod boleh cari seller lain. Tapi tak perlu la sampai nak kira2 semua . Nak pick…

Posted by Asikin Abrani on Friday, February 12, 2021

The customer is believed to be an accountant, hence she was very particular about the prices of the cheese tarts. After carefully calculating an estimated cost of Asikin’s cheese tarts (depending on how many tarts she chooses to purchase), the customer then questioned her why the mark up of the cost price if she chooses to buy fewer tarts.

“It’s weird. Why is it more expensive? A tart lesser is more expensive?” the customer questioned Askin.

It then occurred to Asikin that the customer did not understand that the more tarts the customer purchased, the lesser she would have to pay per tart. I’m sure most of you guys would understand how this works. 

The customer then goes on to criticise Askikin’s delivery charges, adding that her (the customer) husband would not be pleased with the cash on delivery (COD) charge of RM5.

“If self collect, can right? I’m scared my husband will get mad because of the RM5 COD charge. He always said that we’re wasting money on COD,” she messaged Asikin.

She then said that usually, COD charges should be RM3 if the area is just located less than 10km away.

Asikin replied to the customer by apologising and suggested that she find another baker that is located nearer to her home.

However, the customer didn’t take Asikin’s hint and instead filled in the order request. In the order request, the customer even wrote, “We’ll deal with the COD price tomorrow”.

Asikin’s story got a lot of netizens expressing their outrage over the incident. Her post has garnered over 4,700 shares and 1,600 comments.

It is important that we treat sellers better and remember that they too are trying to make a living. 

What are your thoughts on Asikin’s story? Let us know in the comment section below. 


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Source: Asikin's FB
Source: Asikin's FB

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