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18 Types of Students In University of Malaya You Confirm See Before


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Source: Dr. Kayla Teh/a> & Jackson Ng

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University of Malaya, one of the most well-known university in Malaysia. Even your ah ma knows UM ok don’t play play. Being able to get into UM is an honour and it’s definitely a unique experience. UM is also the place where you meet all kinds of people and it’s either you hate them or you love them. Without further ado, we’ll introduce them to you.

1. The lecturer’s pet

The lecturer’s pet would always sit at the front rows in the lecture halls and take immaculate notes during the whole lecture. After the lesson, they’ll ask a ton of questions and sometimes they’ll remind the lecturers on some certain assignments that the majority of the class did not complete. On the other hand, they are the people you can rely on to have the best notes just in case you want to photocopy it. *winks*

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2. The Dean’s lister

The dean’s listers are mostly evolved from lecturer’s pets but there are of course others who sit in the back rows, rarely come to class but still appear as a dean lister. They might just be geniuses.



3. The KK (Kolej Kediaman) activities enthusiast

This person probably came in during their first year and was bedazzled by the Pemudahcara Mahasiswa (PM) during Minggu Haluan Siswa (MHS). They aspire to be a PM in their second year and is probably also in the SUKSIS or PALAPES.

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4. The one that’s ‘too cool’ to stay in KK

Curfews and rules? No thanks! This person came in with the thought of leaving the dorms and after MHS they left forever.

Giphy 25


5. The one who wants to stay in KK but forced to stay outside

This person tries their best to be active in KK activities, but no matter how much they tried, they just couldn’t commit. They moved out to live with their group of friends in second year at University Tower, SS16/17 or SS2.



6. The Chinese Society member

This person is very active in a few events organised by the UM Chinese Society. You can see them wearing their event T-shirts almost every day in class and when it’s almost nearing the event, they’ll change their profile pictures and put a bunch of hashtags. #love #support #family

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7. The ones who only look for you because they are selling KK or Club shirts to raise fund

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8. The #UmisOne student

This person is extremely proud that they were able to enter UM and it shows in each and every one of their social media posts. Probably the first person to go to the UM sign across DTC after management changes the year number plates.

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9. The “Can sign for me ah?”

This person can’t be bothered to go to their classes so they use the easiest signature they can and ask their coursemates to sign attendance for them.

Giphy 21


10. The chauffeur

The one friend in your group who drives a car and possibly the best friend you can have. Mid Valley? Jaya One? Home? Yan Yan A One dimsum for supper? ONZ. Might be a Grab driver too.

Giphy 22


11. The Buddy Line/Seniors

You will need to be recruited for this one but when you are, they will pass you notes and textbooks from the times of your super seniors. If you ask nicely, they will book courses for you during course registration.

Giphy 26


12. The UM Confessor

This person lurks in the UM confession pages to get tea. Probably professed their undying love for their crush there once or twice.



13. The invisible man

You have only seen this person a few times during your first semester. Two semesters later, you are finally reminded of their existence and you learn that they have dropped out.

Giphy 23


14. The first-years

Super easy to spot in September/October. They will be walking around in groups while wearing their student cards on a lanyard. Often times very shy and diligent.

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15. Goddess/ Male God

These are the people whose names always appear in the confession page. They are super attractive and often have a few thousand followers on their social media accounts.

Img 20200512 160048


16. The part-timer

Whenever the part-timer has free time, they will scour around for part-time jobs nearby to get some extra money. They will probably be busy working during the weekends but many of us will go to their workplace to disturb them.



17. The balik kampung

This person probably lives near the university or in a neighbouring state (Perak, Pahang Negeri Sembilan). They will pack all their classes from Monday till Wednesday/Thursday and balik kampung once their last class is done. Cannot be found during weekends unless you include them in your plans earlier on.

Giphy 24


18. The alumni

The alumni look back to the years they have spent in UM and think that that was one of the best times they’ve had. They are also proud to put UM into their resumes and CVs.

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Well, that makes up the majority of the UM students. Have we missed out anyone? Tell us in the comments!


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