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Voting For The First Time? Here Are 6 Things You Should Take Note of During GE15!


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The 15th General Election varies slightly from previous elections as this would be the first election where Malaysians as young as 18 years old are allowed to vote. That being said, many young voters or first timers may feel lost.

But don’t worry fellow Malaysians, we’ve got your back and here are 6 things that we think you should know!

  • Check your voting information

First and foremost, you should check your voting information! Other than checking your name and IC number, it is also important to check the location you’re voting at! Please note that you’re NOT ALLOWED to choose where you want to vote as each voter has a designated location.

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  • Nail polish DOES NOT affect the ink 

On the contrary, there have been reports on how nail polish isn’t allowed as it may affect the ink when you dip your finger into it. According to China Press, it has been clarified that nail polish you have on WILL NOT affect your qualification to vote.

Nail Polish

  • Dress Code

If you wear any clothes or carry any equipment that display the names of candidates, political party symbols, logos or images during polling day, you will be denied from entering the polling station.

As regards short, skirts, singlets etc, there is no specific voting day dress code according to the Election Commission’s regulation. However, we would advise you to avoid wearing these. Better safe than sorry!

  • DO NOT doodle on your ballot paper and check for serial number

Once you’ve entered the voting station, remember to check if there’s a serial number on your ballot paper. Please make sure that your ballot paper HAS NOT been tampered with and DO NOT doodle on your ballot paper. Your ballet paper should only contain the party logo and names as well as a serial number on it. Make sure you mark an ‘X’ on your desired candidate/party and not other symbols like ‘O’ or a tick.

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  • Phones are NOT ALLOWED in the ballot room

As much as you’d like to document your first experience as a voter, please do not take your phones out and start filming when you’re in the voting station. You may use your phone to kill time while standing in line, but you have to surrender your phone once you collect your ballot paper.

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  • Voting period depending on the states would vary slightly 

Depending on the states you’re in, the voting time may vary and it’s important for you to take note. It is advisable to head over earlier and not wait until the very last minute to go in and cast your vote. It is recommended to be there at least 2 hours before voting period ends to avoid any conflicts.

Other than that, SPR has also released a recommended time for voters to avoid crowd and the information is available when you check your status. Do note that the time given is just a recommendation and voters are still allowed to head over to the voting station within the station’s voting hours.

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General voting period:

Peninsula Malaysia: 8-6pm

Sabah & Sarawak: 7:30-5:30pm

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This is a gentle reminder to please do your duty as a citizen and vote. Your vote matters. To check your eligibility and location, click here.


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Source: Pexels
Source: WOB
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