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“I’ve never called anyone poor” – Viral Puchong Kopitiam’s Bosses Apologise for Calling Customer Brainless


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Source: Facebook | 馬來西亞東方日報 Oriental Daily News Malaysia & Facebook | 蒲种大新闻(Puchong News Group)

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A Kopitiam in Puchong went viral on social media yesterday (February 5) after the boss of the place called his customers brainless for bringing outside drinks.

On the same day, the boss and his wife, as well as their legal team held a press conference to apologise and share their sides of the story. According to the man, the customer’s version of the story was exaggerated.

“I took my words back”

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The man, Chow admitted to having lost his temper after being confronted by the customer’s husband but according to him, he did not rush toward the customer like a crazy person. He approached the family and politely asked them to keep the bottles away.

“I told them, I’m sorry, but can you keep your bottles away? I did not stop them from bringing the bottles in but I just asked them not to drink them in the restaurant.”

Chow then said he was scolded by the customer for saying that but to avoid problems, he ignored the unhappy customer. However, the customer continuously ranted about his dissatisfaction to the point where other customers at the scene were watching.

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That was when Chow felt he needed to intervene, and lost his temper.

“I did say he was brainless. But before they left, I did apologise and took my words back.”

Chow added that purchase of drinks contributes to their sales a lot.

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“I have never called any customers poor for not buying drinks”

In the viral post, the customer claimed the wife of the boss, Lai, told her husband not to argue with “poor customers” over a cup of drink.

Lai, however, strongly denied that, and said throughout her career, she has never labeled anyone poor for not buying their drinks.

“Even if there is only 1 drink on your table, we will still respect you as customer,” Lai assured.

She added that she has put multiple signages in the restaurant to inform customers that outside food and beverages are not allowed.

“To put it in a harsh way, even a blind man can see the signages. They are everywhere.”

Lai also said that she could understand if it was the customer’s 1st time patronising the shop.

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“Respectfully, if you cannot accept it, as a customer, you have the right to not eat there. I have never forced anyone with a gun to their heads.”

The couple highlighted that following the incident, they have been receiving multiple threat calls and the business has seen a drop of 20% in sales.

“People are calling me and asking, are you that famous person on FB now?” Chow said.

Chow is likely to take legal action against the customer for defamation.

Now that both sides have shared their story, what do you think of the entire situation?


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Source: Facebook

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