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Uncivil Chinese Tourist Shocked World as He Jumps into Sacred Pool in Kyoto



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Featured image source: Shanghaiist

Over the years since China’s economy has blossomed, tourists from China have built a reputation of being somewhat uncivil, or lack of proper etiquette. From taking too much in a buffet line, to speaking too loudly and spitting in public, Chinese tourists have drawn many faces of disgust around them.

I have personally witnessed a Chinese tourist unzipped her sons’ pants, lifted him up, and asked him to aim his pee into the waste container in an underground subway in Hong Kong.

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As the saying goes, “you can bring a man out from the jungle, but you can’t bring the jungle out of him”.

Recently, such an incident has occurred in Japan when a Chinese speaking man jumped into a sacred pool to fill his water bottle up with the sacred water.

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<Image from Shanghaiist>

At the tourist attraction, Pure Water Temple in Kyoto, the streams of water flowing from the Otowa Waterfall is believed to help its’ drinker in aspects of studies, love, and bring longevity.

Visitors of the temple will be given metal cups with holders to catch the flowing water and will drink the sacred water from small cups. However, the Macau Concealers reports that one single visitor was overly eager; he not only cut the queue, but jumped into the pool of sacred water and started to fill his water bottle.


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<Image from Shanghaiist>

A Weibo user has also joked, saying the man is a little too old for the water of love.

The Shanghaiist reports that this isn’t the first time Mandarin speaking tourists have attracted negative media attention from their lack of etiquette. 

Other instances would include Disneyland being trashed before it officially opened in China, and that one time a Chinese tourist had been too aggressive, causing harm to the famous Japanese cherry trees whilst trying to take a selfie.

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<Image from Google>

So far, the news has not been taken too well by the Chinese people, who are embarrassed to have lost face yet again. One have even questioned if the man was from China, as he speaks Mandarin, he could even be from Malaysia or Taiwan.

Though most highly doubt that.

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