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This Delivery Platform is Offering Up to 50% OFF ALL Services! Here’s How M’sians Can Get On Board


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God knows how many hurdles we Malaysians go through when ordering food or anything else delivery, always making sure we’ve exhausted all discounts before checking out. It’s not stingy, it’s called being thrifty (our parents would be so proud).

Broke Money

Alas, it often only applies to buying things or ordering food online. There’s hardly any good discounts when we want to deliver things like furniture, food, gifts, and more… until now.

If you’ve been looking for affordable options – as low as RM5! – coupled with a wide variety of efficient delivery modes to choose from, we’ve got great news for you!

Lalamove is offering up to 50% OFF on ALL its delivery services with the ‘LALAMOVEIT‘ discount pack, for both new and existing users!

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That’s a pretty hefty discount! On top of Lalamove’s already value-for-money pricing, how could we say no?

With the same LALAMOVEIT code, first-time Lalamove users can enjoy up to three 50% discount coupons (capped at RM5 each), while existing users can save up to 20% (capped at RM15 each) with three coupons.

Lalamoveit Split Scene

Not only would we have the widest delivery fleet – ranging from motorcycles to large lorries – to handle every single item size, but Lalamove is also super fast in its service. With an average driver matching time of eight seconds, so you can send that urgent work thingy to your boss ASAP.

Lalamoveit Highway

Want to enjoy Lalamove It discount coupons? Here’s how:

Option 1: The Ol’ Fashioned Way

1. Set the delivery time, whether ASAP or for later

Lalamove Visuals


2. Set delivery points, both pick-up and drop off

Lalamove Visuals 1


3. Select your preferred transport vehicle, based on your items’ size 

Lalamove A.3


4. Add additional services based on your delivery needs, such as return trip, lalabag, door-to-door, and more

Lalamove Visuals 2


5. Add notes for the driver (if any) and select payment method (cash on delivery or credit wallet)

Lalamove Visuals 3


6. Apply coupon ‘LALAMOVEIT’ before checkout

Lalamove Visuals 4


7. Place Order to confirm. Habis!

If you worry that you’ll forget the code later, you can always redeem the code ahead of time so that you’ll automatically use it in your next order. More on this below!


Option 2: The Automatic Way

1. Open the WALLET section in the Lalamove app

Lalamove Visuals 5


2. Select COUPONS

Lalamove Visuals 7


3. Key in ‘LALAMOVEIT’ to add the coupon pack into your wallet

Lalamove Visuals 8


4. Gao dim! As long as your delivery orders match the criteria, the coupon will be applied automatically before you place an order.

Keep in mind that the coupon can only be redeemed once, and will only be valid for 14 days once you redeem it.


Why should we make use of Lalamove’s delivery service?

Lalamoveit Handphone

At the end of the day, no matter how good the discount is (though we admit that the 50% deal almost sold us 😂), the quality of the service still makes or breaks our experience, which Lalamove delivers (pun intended) 100%! 🛵💨

  • Affordable as heck: Save unnecessary overhead costs, plus enjoy a flexible delivery system without long term contracts or commission charges
  • Biggest delivery fleet: Offers eight whopping transport types, including …
    • Motorcycle
    • Car
    • 4×4 Pickup
    • Seven-feet Van
    • Nine-feet large Van
    • 10-feet Small Lorry
    • 14-feet Medium Lorry
    • 17-feet Large Lorry
  • Fast delivery: Match with a Lalamove driver as fast as eight seconds on average for instant delivery.
  • Has vast reach: Prominent in Klang Valley, Penang and Johor; features same-day long distance/interstate deliveries
  • Real-time GPS tracking: Stay in the know of your delivery status and current location of the driver(s)
  • Only the best movers: Features driver’s ratings and a favourite system to showcase Lalamove’s reliability

202193 122927

Good discount + Good service = Match made in heaven! 

So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and redeem this precious ‘Lalamove It’ discount pack! The ‘LALAMOVEIT’ discount coupons are now available until 31 October 2021 only.

Visit Lalamove’s website for more info, and be sure to download Lalamove for free on Google Play Store or the Apple App Store

Lalamoveit Vehicle English


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