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Software Developer Boyfriend Creates ChatBot To Respond To His Girlfriend’s Messages For Him



Source: Herzing Univeristy & Pond5

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One of the biggest challenges in a man’s life could very possibly be the fiery wrath of a girlfriend who didn’t receive a timely reply. While some men may either apologise and set specific ringtones for their girlfriends so they know when they need to get to their phones asap, a software programmer in China decided to come up with what he thought was a smarter solution.

According to Abacus News, he put his technical skills to good use by creating a bot to help him reply to his girlfriend’s messages on WeChat. He decided to create the chat mechanism when he realised that he was neglecting his girlfriend’s messages due to work.

Source: Weibo

The software engineer, Li KaiXiang, shared his story on Weibo, explaining that the system worked 24/7, promptly responding to any one of his girlfriend’s questions or statements. He was surprised to realise that she and the bot had exchanged over 300 messages by the time he had finished work.

The bot was programmed to send her sweet messages from time to time and to deny it was a bot when questioned. That said, as smart as KaiXiang thought he was, his girlfriend had figured out that she wasn’t talking to her significant other as at one point during the conversation she became suspicious and asked the golden question.

Source: AbacusNews

“Why are you responding so fast?”

While we can’t confirm how the situation ended considering KaiXiang’s weibo account was deleted shortly after (maybe his girlfriend wasn’t very happy to have been tricked), his post has since gone viral, with many requesting that he share the source code so that they can implement it themselves.

Source: Weibo

This comment reads, “Bro, I also want to download.”

Source: Weibo

The thread is filled with similar comments, with this particular netizen chiming in with a statement some men are sure to agree with – “I also want to have such a bot.”

And here I am just wanting to keep a boyfriend. 


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