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‘Racist’ SG Uncle Calls Out Interracial Couple Saying They Should Only Date Their Own Race



Source: Dave Park Ash | Facebook

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Interracial relationships were considered taboo way back when racism was a way of life. But now, more and more people are becoming aware that love transcends race and religion and people should just love whoever they want to.

Unfortunately, it seems as though not everyone got that memo.

Singaporean Dave Parkash took to his Facebook page to showcase how a racist man had approached him and his girlfriend and claimed that Dave, as a half Indian man, was preying on Chinese girls.

He wrote, “My name is Dave Parkash. I am a Singaporean. Today, I feel embarrassed, humiliated and hurt by how I was treated by another fellow Singaporean. My girlfriend and I were confronted by a man who told us that we should only be dating people of our own race.”

In the video, the racist man claimed that Dave is racist because he is in an interracial relationship and added that ‘Indians prey on Chinese girls’.

“If you think the Chinese are very proud that Indians are marrying Chinese, you’re wrong,” the man said.

And not only did Dave have to endure the man’s racist wrath as he also went for Dave’s Chinese-Thai girlfriend who was recording the incident.

“There’s a Chinese-Singaporean man here who is upset with the person behind the phone, who is recording, saying that she, being a Chinese, shouldn’t be with a person like me,” Dave said to the camera, to which the man added, “Indian race! I’m not talking about you, I’m saying the Indian race. I have nothing against you personally, but I think it’s racist that Indians prey on Chinese girls.”

“Prey?” Dave asked.

“Yes, prey, it’s predatory,” the man responds. “I know you are preying on a Chinese girl, and the Chinese are not happy with it.”

The man went on to add that he, as a Chinese man, is unhappy to see them together.

Dave then tried to get other passersby involved in the conversation, calling out to someone out of the frame and saying, “He’s saying an Indian shouldn’t marry a Chinese.”

“Ya, I’m saying a Chinese shouldn’t marry an Indian,” the man retorted and when they argued further, he said, “Love is not love, it is a race. There is a race, and you should not come in and disturb the race. The Chinese don’t like it.”

The man even admitted that he is racist.

“I’m racist. I’m racist. But you are racist as well (referring to Dave), you don’t see a Chinese guy preying on an Indian girl,” he said, adding that Dave’s girlfriend’s parents were disgraced.

The man had then walked away as Dave said that he had crossed a line.

“She is disgracing me,” the man said angrily as he pointed at Dave’s girlfriend while walking away.

He then came back for one last round of racist insults.

“You don’t see Chinese guys going for Indian girls. This is the reason. (inaudible) race and colour,” he said as he raised his arm to show the colour of his skin before walking away again, this time, for good.

Dave, who is of Indian and Philippine descent, ended the video with wise words.

“Especially with all the sh*t that’s happening in the world, people are dying and all of that, the last thing we want is for poisonous people to come and disrupt the harmony that we have and the harmony that we live in,” he shared.

The man, who turned out to be a Ngee Ann Polytechnic lecturer, has since been suspended from his teaching duties following the incident.

“We take a very serious view of the matter as the remarks made by the individual are highly offensive, disrespectful and goes against our staff code of conduct and values as a community,” shared a Ngee Ann Polytechnic spokesman with The Straits Times.

Just as Dave said, with everything that’s going on in the world, we truly do not need such people spewing racism and such utter hatred for a race of people.

Love is love and it knows no race or religion.

You can watch the upsetting video here.

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Source: Dave Parkash
Source: Dave Parkash
Source: Dave Parkash
Source: Dave Parkash

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