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Oyen Caught Sleeping Soundly In Capybara Enclosure At Zoo Negara, Netizens Are Amused


Ft Image Oyen Invade Capybaras Cage 2.0
Source: boofizzzz | TikTok

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Notoriously known for its weird and unbothered behaviour, Oyens have once again made an appearance. But, this time in a zoo enclosure… full of capybaras!

A TikTok video posted by boofizzzz went viral, showing an Oyen sleeping soundly in the capybara enclosure.

With the caption of the video being, “When do they not cause trouble, I don’t even know where it came from”.

Oyen Sleeping Screenshot


Located at Zoo Negara, the TikTok shows how the Oyen is completely unbothered and sleeps without any worry.

Whereas if you look at the capybaras, they appear terrified of the Oyen that ‘invaded‘ their spot for a short nap, as they gather at one corner of the enclosure.

Capybara Gather One Spot


Netizens are not even shocked because it’s an Oyen

This viral video received a whopping 52.9k likes and 645 comments, with all being amused yet not shocked by the Oyens’ behaviour.

“Every Oyen in the world is problematic,”

One TikTok user said, “Its always the oyen-coloured cats.”

Recognising the typical Oyen behaviour, this user commented, “Orange cat behaviour…” portraying how nearly every Oyen is like that. Problematic and unbothered.

Another user commented, “When an Oyen comes, he will conquer everything“. Better not get in their way then!

Oyen Behaviour Screenshot

While some TikTok users sympathised for the Capybaras.

One user noticed how all the Capybaras sat in one corner, jokingly mentioning that it might be because they were afraid of the Oyen.

“Capybaras be like: 🤨,” commented another user. Even the Capybaras were confused as to why the Oyen is there sleeping shamelessly in their enclosure.

Capybara Mentions Screenshot

Check out this unbothered Oyen at boofizzzz’s TikTok here.


What are your experiences with Oyens? Let us know in the comments down below.


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Ft Image Ailurophobia 2.0

Source: TikTok
Source: TikTok
Source: TikTok
Source: TikTok

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