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Not Sure If You’re Living In A Red Zone Or A Green Zone? Here’s The List Of The Current Red Zones



Source: KKM & Al Jazeera

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With the Covid-19 outbreak, our country has been divided into different zones, such as green zones, yellow zones and red zones, based on the number of cases detected in an area. We don’t have to tell you that red zones are where Covid-19 cases are more heavily detected, and with red zones comes a different, more precise and stricter set of rules and standard operating procedures (SOPs).

You’re probably wondering, how do you know if you’re in a red zone?

Well, thankfully the Ministry of Health (MOH) is here to clarify things.

Berikut adalah pecahan zon merah mengikut daerah dan mukim yang terkini (kumulatif 7 Oktober – 20 Oktober 2020)Bermula…

Posted by KEMENTERIAN KESIHATAN MALAYSIA on Rabu, 21 Oktober 2020

They wrote, “The following is the breakdown of red zones according to district and township.”

For those living in all the states and locations that were not mentioned in this list, rest assured that you are currently in either a green zone or a yellow zone, which means that there are less than 20 to no cases in your district.

If you find yourself in the red zone, don’t panic and follow the simple guidelines and standard operating procedures set in place by the government and you’ll be safe from the Covid-19 virus.

Stay at home and wear your mask properly and if you HAVE TO go out for whatever reason, sanitise your hands regularly, practice physical distancing and avoid crowded locations.

With everyone’s cooperation, let’s bring the above mentioned locations into the green zone and stop the Covid-19 virus before it’s too late.

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Source: KKM

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