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“No Hello, No Introduction”, M’sian Shares How Some Millennials are Applying for Jobs



M'sians PM Tepi & Use Emojis For Job Openings Without Even Saying "Hello" - WORLD OF BUZZ
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How many times did you look through your resume before you hit the send button so that you can maximise your chances? Well, Penny Law recently shared her shocking encounter of how most people these days have NO COURTESY nor professionalism when applying for a job.

Just look at this message:


Source: Facebook

I mean, this is not Carousell??? 

Penny Law clarified that the job posting that she posted out was very clear – all the details were given and she specifically asked them to NOT private message her.

However, despite listing all the information there, people are still privately messaging and worse, asking her to “PM” these details to them. Too lazy to read or what?

She received quite a lot of responses BUT they were unsatisfactory as most of the candidates even failed to say “hello” or introduce themselves. She even needed to ask them for more information on their background.

Source: Facebook

Like why are you showing attitude? You do know that it is the standard procedure right?

The revelation of how people are applying for jobs today is quite mind-blowing. One would assume it’s common sense to be professional and polite when trying to apply for a job. If the person doesn’t practice that, it’s already a red flag that he/she may not be a good employee.

Netizens were quick to share out some of their own experience and it’s not that good either.

Source: Facebook


Source: Facebook

Source: Facebook

Wow… I can’t even…

Penny then posted a comment to clear things up and say that she’s not generalising that all millennials/youngsters are like this. She also met a few millennials recently who were very considerate!

We treat this as merely an awareness of what NOT to do when applying for a job.

Source: Facebook

If you want to apply for a job then you should do it properly la. Draft out a message, prepare your CV, be courteous and polite and dress smartly when going to an interview. Don’t be like these examples who feel entitled and apply for a job like that. Otherwise, you may start to wonder why you couldn’t even land a job!

What do you guys think about this?


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