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M’sian with PhD in Engineering Forced to Work at Photocopy Store Due to Lack of Job Opportunities


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Source: Mohd Yazid Ismail | Facebook & 123RF

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Long gone are the days where having high academic certification means better job opportunities and placements in your field.

Now, even Malaysians with a Master’s or PhD have to accept whatever job they can find to make a living.

A Malaysian, Mohd Yazid Ismail, took to his Facebook page to share how his friend, who has a PhD, has been working as a staff member at a photocopy store for the past 6 years due to there being a lack of suitable job opportunities in his field for his education level.

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Mohd Yazid Ismail wrote, “My friend here, has a PhD in the field of engineering, he graduated in 2018. But, after completing his PhD, up until now he is only working at a photocopy store. His salary doesn’t even reach RM3,000.”

“He works for someone else. It’s not his own business. It’s been 6 years since he’s been working at the photocopy store. According to him, he hasn’t gotten any calls to work at places that are suitable for his PhD qualifications. He’s gone for interviews.”


Living debt-free, but at what cost?

Mohd Yazid Ismail went on to share how his friend has since lived debt-free, though it’s due to him fearing taking on financial commitments like buying a house or a car would lead to financial ruin because of his low income.

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“I just found out about his fate. I thought he was working as a lecturer. I’m so sorry. He’s the introvert type. He doesn’t talk much. When he does talk, he seems to be too careful with every word. So he’s a bit slow. We met this week because he wants to update his phone number in the (investment) system,”

“He invested some cash once, and now that money has doubled. So, he wants to top up the investment. His financial data also had to be updated in the system, he ticked ‘no’ for everything. He doesn’t have a home loan, car loan, personal loan, nothing. At first, I felt sorry for him. But then, I felt sorry for myself. It’s better that he doesn’t have any loans. He can live peacefully without debt,” he added.

That’s certain one way to see it.


While it is understandable to want to look at the bright side of things (the friend living debt-free), but it truly is saddening that his friend has to work for such a low income after years of studying to improve his qualification level.

What do you think about this? Do feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section. 


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Source: 123RF

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