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M’sian Student’s Tragedy: Cup Noodles Full of Seasonings & Forks – But No Noodles!



Source: Twitter

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In Malaysia, literally everyone has acknowledge the fact that all instant noodles are called ‘megi’ even when they weren’t produced by the Maggie company. It’s a fact. 

It’s a dish near and dear to our hearts, and it pains us whenever someone messes it up, like in this case.

A Twitter user who goes by the name @asyraafsyahmi tweeted recently about a tragedy that his friend had with a popular cup noodle flavour that was produced by the Maggie company.

You know, the one that’s everyone been raging about, ‘Maggie Giler Pedas’. It is the era of spicy food mania after all.

According to a video shared in the tweet, Asyraaf’s friend was shocked to find out that his cup noodles were missing the noodles themselves, and only contained 5 sets of seasonings and 8 pieces of foldable plastic forks in the cup. BUT NO NOODLES!

“My friend bought ‘Maggie Pedas Giler’ just now but there’s no ‘maggi’ in it! There are only 8 forks and 5 sets of seasonings. But no maggie, HAHAHAHAHA!”

He realized that the plastic wrapping of the cup noodle was a bit strange before he opened up the package, but he had never expected this. Surely this is just a simple error during packaging, but a student could lose his meal for the day because of this.

Thankfully, the Maggie company is quick to notice and contacted them immediately.

“Hai @asyraafsyahmi, we apologize for the trouble that you have experienced. Nestle prioritises the safety and quality of our products. Therefore, we take feedback from our customers seriously. Please DM us your phone number for further assistance. Thank you.”


Source: Twitter

Some people even gave him some good advice, showing that he was actually very lucky!

“Easy. Just buy plain instant noodles. You have 5 sets of seasonings in there so you can eat 5 times.”


“Go and buy yourself some plain maggie, then you can use all of the seasonings. It’s going to be great.”


“Actually, you can just buy plain maggie, called ‘Vits’. You can get 10 pieces for just 3-4 ringgit. So with that 5 sets of seasoning, you can eat 5 times. RM8 for 5 servings. You can save a lot really. Sorry, I’m not fun at parties.”


Source: Twitter

Well, that settles it then! Have fun partying boys!


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