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BJAK Responds to JPJ, Says its Road Tax Renewal Services is Merely Optional and it is Also FOC


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Following the Road Transport Department’s (JPJ) statement yesterday clarifying that the online platform BJAK Sdn Bhd (BJAK) was never authorised by the department or the Ministry of Transport (MOT) to offer road tax renewal services in Malaysia, the company has since issued its own statement addressing the situation.

In the statement, BJAK announces that its road tax renewal is an optional service for its customers and is operating smoothly as usual. Besides that, the online platform also thanked all its customers for their unwavering support.


BJAK’s main service involves comparing and renewing motor vehicle insurance

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BJAK further clarified that the main service it offers is comparing and renewing of motor vehicle insurance, including a VIP service specially for its customers.

It added that while other platforms usually charge somewhere between RM3 to RM11 for motor vehicle insurance renewal, BJAK offers this service free of charge to all its customers.

Moreover, the company also revealed that it previously bore all the charges to JPJ’s official suppliers.


BJAK’s road tax renewal service is optional and now without any additional charges

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As for its road tax renewal service, BJAK announced that it now offers the service to all its customers without any additional charges, which is part of its initiative to make renewals easier and cost-effective for its customers.

Addressing the issues brought up by JPJ, BJAK stressed that it intends to resolve any inquiries or feedback from its customers within the same day.

The online platform also admits all the issues brought up by JPJ and is now actively working with the relevant authorities to improve the experience of all vehicle owners in Malaysia.

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BJAK also clarified that its free road tax renewal campaign is part of a private initiative to alleviate customers’ experience and has nothing to do with any government mandate.

Furthermore, the company asserted that it is committed to preparing innovative solutions and extraordinary service while preserving its high standard of compliance.

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