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Thai Maid Inherits RM12.8 Million from Her French Employer After She Was Found Dead in Koh Samui


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Source: Bangkok Post & Khaosod English

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A shocking case has been making headlines in Thailand over the past week or so after a Thai woman received approximately THB100 million or RM12.8 million in inheritance from her French businesswoman employer after the latter was found dead on a daybed by the swimming pool at her villa in Koh Samui on 29 April.

As reported by the Thai-based publication Bangkok Post, the French businesswoman, 59-year-old Catherine Delacote, is believed to have committed suicide and left several inheritances to the Thai woman, 49-year-old Nutwalai Phupongta, who worked as her housemaid for 17 years.


Delacote named Nutwalai as the recipient of her RM12.8 million assets

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Nutwalai phupongta

The inheritance left behind for Nutwalai includes the 5-pool villa Delacote was living in, 2 land plots, cash, a car and other assets. 

Previously, Delacote and her ex-husband, who is also French, moved to Koh Samui some 12 years ago, but the deceased later lived alone at the villa after divorcing her husband.


The deceased was suffering from cancer

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According to the report, Delacote, who was suffering from cancer, was found dead with a gunshot wound on her left temple and gunshot residue on her left wrist.

Furthermore, a 45mm automatic firearm, a bullet shell, a glass of vodka, a pair of sunglasses and a pack of cigarettes were found near the body. A spent bullet was also found inside the villa and a gunshot wound was found in a villa door.

The firearm belongs to Delacote and was acquired by her after a break-in robbery at the villa previously.

Image 198

The envelope containing delacote’s will


Delacote messaged several people before her death to tell that she’s giving Nutwalai her assets

Nutwalai, who lived in a separate house from her employer, shared that the deceased never mentioned anything about committing suicide to her but recently transferred THB500,000 or RM64,311 to her to “pay for the funeral”. 

Furthermore, Nutwalai also said that Delacote had also sent messages to several people shortly before her death telling them that she would be giving her assets to Nutwalai. 


The inheritance is currently on legal hold

Image 197

The 5-pool villa owned by delacote

While no foul play was found in the death, the RM12.8 million inheritance is currently on legal hold as Thai authorities are investigating whether Nutwalai can right away inherit the assets.

This is because the villa belonging to Delacote was built by a company that illegally used Thai proxies.

Furthermore, 2 Thai shareholders in the company may also have to approve the transfer of the asset to Nutwalai.

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So, what do you guys think of this intriguing case? Share your thoughts with us in the comments!


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Source: Bangkok Post
Source: Bangkok Post

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