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M’sians Call for Boycott After Local Restaurant Leaves Racial Comment Towards Chinese People


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Source: @lady_bugg11 | Twitter & Facebook

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Despite there still being widespread racism in Malaysia (through political agendas and internet trolls), many of our fellow community members often times do not condone such behaviour.

And you know what we Malaysians do when we don’t condone someone’s behaviour? We call for a boycott!

Malaysians are now calling for a boycott of a local fried chicken eatery after their admin had made racial comments on Facebook through their page. Businesswoman, @lady_bugg11, took to her Twitter page to share a screenshot of this.

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In response to a Malaysian mentioning that their pricing is more expensive than KFC, the admin of the brand responded with, “Sir, did you look at only the ala carte menu or the whole thing? You have to look at the whole menu, only then will you know if it’s expensive or reasonable.”

Type C (referring to Chinese people) are currently playing all kinds of bad sentiments against (the brand). Let’s not be easily deceived as long as we haven’t tried (their food) ourselves.”


Could this all just be a misunderstanding due to a language barrier?

This comes after Sin Chew Daily had written an article and shared a video to announce the opening of the fried chicken restaurant and many bad reviews have showed up on the brand’s Google page.

In a now-deleted post, the owner of the brand shared his belief that the bad reviews were racially motivated.

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“No wonder there are many bad 1-star reviews on Google from Chinese people, I don’t know if they even ate (their food) or not. There can also be instances where there are fake accounts using Malay names to band together to give (bad) reviews too.”

Though, the incidences are not related as Sin Chew Daily never bad-mouthed the brand, while the bad reviews on Google were apparently left by customers who have tried the eatery’s food and sincerely found it to be unworthy of a good review.

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Many have since called for Malaysians to boycott the brand over their racial sentiments. 

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“Boycott shops that play with racial issues.”

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“Boycott racial restaurants. If you want to succeed, compete through service lah, not through playing with racial sentiments.”

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“That’s it, they’re getting boycotted. Bye bye.”

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“Boycott. I was thinking of giving (the restaurant) a try. Now there’s no need.”


The brand has since apologised over the whole issue

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“We apologise and admit that it was an accidental mistake. Maybe there were too many comments that involved the element of bringing us down that disturbed the focus of our admin. So, we have ultimately decided to not respond to any issues after this to avoid making this mistake again.”

“We will only respond to operational issues and related matters that do not involve other parties.”

They also added that their eatery welcomes all Malaysians from all backgrounds, regardless of race and religion.


What do you think of this whole situation? Do feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section.


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