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“Poisoning future gens” – China TikToker Says Famous “Influencers” Like Adeline is Giving M’sia a Bad Name


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Source: Douyin | 女博士GiGi在大马 & Instagram | bryanwee

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Some people find fame for their contributions and achievements, while others, unfortunately, may have found their spotlight on the Internet for the wrong reasons.

The viral e-hailing driver, Adeline unexpectedly received many invitations for live Facebook sessions after her alleged fare-dodging experiences circulated online. A TikToker from China, GiGi had something to say about this “phenomenon” and how it might affect Malaysia’s reputation.

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It seems like you don’t need ANYTHING to become famous

In her Douyin post @女博士GiGi在大马, GiGi said she was baffled as to how random Malaysians can find fame online NOT through the proper method.

“1 became famous by saying he was going to change his gender, another 1 went viral for not paying e-hailing fares. You guys are really making a bad name for this country.”

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GiGi also highlighted how easy it seems for some people to become famous today – no education, no culture, no manners. The TikToker expressed her concerns about how this culture will shape the mindset of future generations, who MIGHT take the easy route to make money.

“This toxic culture will poison the future generations and mislead them. They’ll think it’s not that hard to make money online.”

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Do you even know what’s an influencer?

GiGi also pointed out that many people find fame the unorthodox way today – by doing bad things and posting it online. GiGi then asked,

“What have these people contributed to the society? What about those who actually made some contributions?”

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GiGi highlighted what it truly means to be famous online, or in today’s term – to be an influencer.

“People will look at you to spread positivity. But if you’re spreading bad things, how do you think us Chinese will look at Malaysians?”

GiGi, who has been in Malaysia for some time also admitted that the country is a healthy place and has continuously developed.

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“I’ve been called a Malaysian worshipper before. Truthfully, I don’t mind. I think it’s worth it to voice out against what’s needed for Malaysia.”

At the end of her video, she urged all “influencers” to spread more positivity through their content and STOP showing Malaysia in a bad light.

Local celebrity chef, Khairul Aming used to share what it means to be an influencer and it doesn’t need you to create pointless content to kickstart your career. What do you think of GiGi’s take about this matter?


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