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MCO 3.0: This Local Company Is Setting Out To Help Students From M’sia’s B40 Community & We’re Getting All The Feels!



Source: Astro Awani & BBC

Ever since the MCO was implemented last year, many Malaysians have been struggling with the shift in lifestyle and having to work or study from home. Not only does this mean having to change the way we function, but some Malaysians are also not as fortunate when it comes to the resources needed for this type of situation.

From the lack of electronic gadgets to slow internet connection, these are just some of the concerns that many students have been facing, especially ones from the B40 community. Thankfully, this local company has noticed the plight of the underserved and they are determined to lend a helping hand.

ICYMI, YES 4G recently announced that they are offering FREE help to those in the B40 community as part of their initiative to ease the burdens of Malaysians during these trying times.

The movement, named YES PRIHATIN, is part of the government’s Jaringan PRIHATIN plan that is set to provide Malaysians under the B40 group with free phones and internet data for a year. With this plan, YES is giving out several things for FREE and the best part is, there are no fees, contracts or payments needed!

Yes, guys, this is really happening! 😍


There are two (2) plans announced for this movement

YES PRIHATIN will be divided into two plans which is the individual plan and the family plan. Both of which will be aimed at the B40 community. Here’s what you need to know:

PLAN 1: YES PRIHATIN Learn-From-Home Individuals 

This plan will be available for B40 individuals like university students. With this plan, they will be receiving:

  • A free YES Altitude 3 smartphone
  • Free 15GB data per month for a year with unlimited calls
  • Free 1-year access to learning content on the FrogAsia mobile app and YTL Foundation website
  • RM50 Shopee voucher


PLAN 2: YES PRIHATIN Learn-From-Home Families 

This plan is aimed towards B40 families with kids who are currently in school. With this plan, they will be receiving:

  • A free YES Altitude 3 smartphone
  • Free 30GB data per month for a year with unlimited calls
  • Free 1-year access to learning content on the FrogAsia mobile app and YTL Foundation website
  • RM50 Shopee voucher

In case you’re wondering about the RM50 Shopee voucher, it is actually for students to utilise so that they may purchase other necessities to assist with their online learning sessions like earphones or phone stands.

From what we know, YES has been advocating to help the B40 community ever since the first MCO was implemented. This is why the YTL Learn-From-Home programme was launched, offering students free learning content consisting of 1,271 lessons across four core subjects: Bahasa Malaysia, English, Mathematics and Science.

More importantly, the learning content is made easily accessible via a smartphone as it is more convenient for everyone. This way, regardless of their background, no student will be left behind in their education.

Doesn’t that sound awesome? Talk about Malaysians standing together during tough times. 💪


It’s also super easy to apply!

All you need to do is follow these steps:


  1. Head over to this page
  2. Click ‘START’
  3. Select ‘YES PRIHATIN’
  4. If you’re eligible, you can choose between the family or individual plan.
  5. Fill in all your details and submit once you’re done!

Once you’ve registered, you can go ahead and redeem your plan via the YES mobile app. But how do you know whether you’re eligible or not? No need to worry. As you’re signing up, you will be asked to enter your MyKad number and they will check your eligibility for you. Convenient, right?

Other than the mobile app, you can also register here:

Website: www.yes.my/kasiupB40
Hotline: 018 3333 303


Still not sure how this works? You can check out these helpful videos!

How to register for YES PRIHATIN:


How to redeem YES PRIHATIN:

And as we’ve mentioned before, unlike with other telcos, the YES PRIHATIN plan is completely FREE! Don’t believe us? Well, we did the research and here’s a simple breakdown of other telcos offering similar plans:

  • Upfront payment: From RM91 to RM295
  • Monthly fees: From RM28 to RM60
  • Monthly data: From 16GB to 30GB (there are telcos offering unlimited data as well however an upfront fee of RM139 is required)
  • Contract: From 12 to 24 months (there are telcos that do not impose contracts as well but an upfront fee between RM100 and RM139 is required)

As you can see, the YES PRIHATIN plan is the only one that you can apply for and subscribe to without any cost or contract! 🥳


With MCO 3.0 upon us and the recent announcement of schools moving into online-based learning once again, we think this initiative will definitely bring some smiles to the students and families who need them. Kudos to YES 4G for coming up with these awesome plans!

In fact, the Managing Director of YTL Communications Sdn Bhd, Dato’ Yeoh Seok Hong, has also said, “Our aim is not just short-term relief, but to also create sustainable, long-term impact” and we think they definitely succeeded! This truly inspires us to be more thoughtful of the less fortunate during such trying times. May we all strive to do our parts in uplifting each other during this time of need!

For more information on the YES PRIHATIN initiative, simply head over to their website here.


What do you guys think of these plans? Share your thoughts with us below! 

Source: Astro Awani
Source: Republika
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