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McDonald’s China Launches Spicy Chilli Oil Sundae For One Day Only!



Source: 麦当当在逃板烧鸡腿堡/Weibo & 死鬼王二胖/Weibo

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Ice-cream chillin’ chillin’, ice cream chillin’?

When you think of McDonald’s sundae, you will probably imagine an icy cold treat on a hot day that is vanilla-flavoured with the addition of either chocolate or strawberry sauce. Never in a million years would we imagine a sundae covered in CHILLI oil!

Be it as it may, McDonald’s China has released a sundae drenched in chilli oil for one day only (25 January 2021).

The sundae can be redeemed for free in selected McDonald’s outlets in China (not available in Beijing, Hebei and Liaoning). This is also the “creative” dish for the month of January which means that we can expect to see more of these kinds of items on the menu from McDonald’s China every month!

This sundae is said to be inspired by Youpo noodles from Shanxi which is said to be a dish that can instantly warm up a person during wintertime. It is always topped with loads of red chilli pepper flakes and the noodles are handmade. This noodle dish is reminiscent of our local chilli pan mee.

Many Chinese netizens went to their local McDonald’s to try it and there are some mixed reviews on this menu item.

Some have said that it is truly disgusting while others say that it is unexpectedly good and that the chilli really warmed them up as they are experiencing winter now. One Weibo user said that the addition of the chilli is really nice especially when he dipped his french fry in. The netizens have also said that it feels like they mixed in LaoGanMa with the sundae.

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Source: Weibo

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