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“Yeah, I think so” – KJ Shares Interest in Becoming the Leader of Malaysia Some Day


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Source: Radiodays Europe | YouTube

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Following his retirement from politics after holding roles such as Minister of Youth and Sports, and Minister of Health, it’s safe to say that Khairy Jamaluddin (KJ) definitely looks and seems happier now.

But, with that being said, would he ever return to politics in the future?

Speaking to a host at Radiodays Europe, a radio, audio and podcast conference that took place in Munich; Germany, KJ was asked if he would like to become the leader of Malaysia some day, to which he replied with a “Yeah, I think so“!

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Radiodays Europe shared, “Khairy Jamaluddin had a problem. He was kicked out of the government in Malaysia and wanted a way to stay connected to his voters, and also stay relevant in the culture.”

“That’s when he decided to start an independent podcast where he could still talk about the issues of the day that he felt passionately about. The podcast was so successful, he was offered a separate job on a national station where he now presents a breakfast show every Monday. But, what does the future hold for Khairy Jamaluddin? Would he like to be the next leader of his country?”


In the video, KJ explained a little bit about what happened to his political career 

“So, I was in politics, I was a minister in the government. And in November 2022, I was sent to a different seat, a very difficult seat to contest and I lost marginally. (In) January of 2023, I was sacked from my party. I was kicked out of my party,” he said.

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When asked why he thinks he was kicked out, he responded, “Well, clearly because I challenged the leader of the party, I said he had to take responsibility for electoral loss. He didn’t want to. And I guess he was fed up of my face.”

He went on to speak about his career in podcasts and radio following his exit from politics.

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“I love it, I came into broadcasting and podcasting thinking that one day I could use this as some measure of relevance of going back into politics. But, I’m not quite sure I want to go back into politics now,” he said, adding that he really is enjoying his time as a podcaster.

Though, when questioned if he would like to be the leader of Malaysia some day, he said, “Yeah, I think so. I think so.


You can check out the clip here

Would you like to see KJ as the Prime Minister of Malaysia one day? Do feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section.


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