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Man Cut Ties With Family for 9 Years But Finally Shows Up When Mother is Dying



After Dying Mother Refuses Cancer Treatment Until She Sees Her Long Lost Son - WORLD OF BUZZ
Source: Weibo / China News

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This is such a heartbreaking story. 🙁

A mother’s dying wish was recently granted when she finally reunited with her son whom she had not seen since 2009! That’s almost a decade! 

Her son, 32-year-old Yang Renrong from Jiangxi, China, responded to her public appeal as she said she would reject her cancer treatment unless she could see him again, as reported by South China Morning Post and China News.

It was reported that his mother, Liu Xinu, a terminal uterine cancer patient, had written a public letter, requesting to meet her son who has been estranged from the family for nine years. She even said she would stop her cancer treatment if she could not see him again.

“Son, please let me see you again, there isn’t much time left for me,” she said.

After receiving news of his mother’s public appeal, Yang, who works at a hotel in Xian, Shaanxi province, contacted the police for the family’s phone number and made a call to his mother on Monday (3 Sept).

“I wanted to come home every year but I haven’t been doing well,” Yang said.

Source: Weibo

Yang was once the pride of the family as he obtained the highest educational score in his home county of Yihuang. He was admitted to Beijing’s Beihang University in 2003, majoring in aeroplane design. At that time, he was still keeping frequent contact with his family.

However, in 2008, his mother found out that he had failed to graduate. Yang promised his parents that he would work harder and retake the tests. Months later, his father got notified by the bank of his son’s 30,000 yuan (about RM18,205) debt.

The father eventually paid his son’s debt and asked him to find a permanent job.

Source: Weibo

Source: China News

In March 2009, Yang sent a text message to his father saying that he was in Beijing and told his parents not to worry. That was the last time Yang had contacted his family.

Since then, the poor parents had been desperately looking for him for the past nine years. The last information they had of Yang was that he had been using his identity card mostly in Beijing until he bought a one-way ticket to Xian last year (2017).

After receiving the long-awaited phone call from Yang, Liu finally resumed treatment while she awaits her son’s return.

It is sad that Liu had to wait painfully for nine years and only get to see her son now as she lays on her deathbed. Hence, we would like to remind everyone to treat your parents with respect and love; do not wait until it’s too late to show them some affection! 


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