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Lonely But Lazy? Here Are 5 Dating Tips That Are Perfect For You



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Sometimes, when one is single for too long, you just get lazy looking for that perfect someone. All the effort you put into dressing up and looking good just does not resonate with you anymore.

Valentine’s Day is less than a month away. Are you are single AF right now, scrolling through this article to see if anything can help you find dates?

Well, here’s a short guide for lazy people on how to find love:

1. Let other people do the work for you

During gatherings, don’t you get annoyed when relatives or friends keep asking why you’re single? Just go around and ask “Eh, can you set me up on a blind date if you know anyone?“. Let them do all the hard searching and now you have your own dating network. Just sit back, relax, and wait for the results to come to you. It’s simple and if the date does not work out, you get to blame everyone else.


2. Stalking on social media

Okay, we’re not asking you to do something creepy here lah. Go on Instagram and scope out someone from your timeline. Everyone loves compliments so maybe subtly hint here and there by liking their pictures or replying to their Insta stories. Throw in the bait and see if the fish hooks on!


3. Go on a double date

Double dates with your own friends can help ease the tension and you will be more laid back. If the date is going south, just starting drinking and get a bit tipsy while reminiscing over embarrassing memories with your pals. You never know what can happen. Maybe your soulmate is already in your friend group and you just need that extra push!


4. Wear this shirt when you are out

NO NEED for hinting or subtle flirting. This is the easiest way to let people know you are single upfront. You can get this direct T-shirt from Shopee or Lazada!


5. If all else fails or you just do not feel like doing the above options, LET THE UNIVERSE DECIDE.

The ultimate lazy person move. Depend on the universe’s divine energy to do the searching for you. Pray that one day, the love of your life will just appear in front of you.

To the singles out there, we hope this guide is somehow helpful. 27 days to Valentine’s Day. GOOD LUCK!


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